Fire safety in tower blocks

If you detect a fire, go to the fire assembly point outside your building and call the Fire Service on 999.

A map of your building’s fire assembly point is posted on your block’s noticeboard


Fire safety advice for Circle Court, Stretford House, Manor Court

If a fire breaks out in your flat or the communal parts of your building:

  • You should be safe to stay in your home
  • Make sure your doors are shut
  • Call the Fire and Rescue Service on 999
  • Evacuate if you are told to do so by the Fire Service, if you feel unsafe or if your home is affected by heat or smoke


Fire safety advice for Clifford Court, Empress Court, Princess Court, Grafton Court, Pickford Court

In 2017, we introduced Fire Wardens in each of our cladded tower blocks. In the unlikely event of a fire, they will sound a horn and start the evacuation of the building.

The Fire Warden will evacuate the building in the following order:

  • The floor where the fire is
  • The floors directly above and below the fire
  • All other floors

If you can’t see the Fire Warden, please evacuate the building as quickly and safely as you can.

  • Go to the nearest emergency exit route using the stairs
  • DO NOT use the lift or run
  • Let the Fire Service know immediately if someone has not been able to leave your flat

 A map of your building’s fire assembly point is posted on your block’s noticeboard.


Safe and well

Between Jan-April 2018, the Fire Service completed a series of Safe and Well visits offering fire safety advice that tailored to meet the needs of you and your family to improve your fire safety.

If you’re concerned about a neighbour, or if you or someone living with you has health or mobility concerns, which you think might put them or you at greater risk, please call the Customer Hub on 0300 777 7777 or email: Alternatively, visit:

How can I keep my communal areas safe?

Everyone is responsible for fire safety in their own home and communal areas. Please consider your neighbours' safety as well as your own. Following these safety guidelines will help:

  • DO NOT leave rubbish, furniture or carpets in communal areas
  • DO NOT park vehicles by the entrance to your block or in keep clear areas. Access roads should be kept clear, so fire engines can get as close as possible to deal with fire
  • DO NOT smoke in communal areas in the building. This is against the law and can also lead to fire if cigarettes are not put out properly
  • DO NOT wedge open fire doors or leave them open. Keep them closed. They are designed to stop fires spreading
If you notice a fire door is damaged or if fire exit signs are missing or damaged, please report it to our Customer Hub on 0300 777 7777.

Rubbish & recycling

Every landing has a chute to be used for disposal of food only. Please use the biodegradable green waste bags provided by Trafford Council for any waste food. Please also make sure these waste bags are tied shut before depositing them down the chute.

Please don’t dispose of vegetable/cooking oil down the chute.  Any additional waste, such as cans, bottles, paper etc can be recycled in the units provided on the ground floor. Please use the correct units as shown on the signage.

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