Staying safe on bonfire night

Tips on having a fun night whilst staying safe

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), as part of their annual Treacle Campaign, provides some tips on staying safe over the bonfire period.

Stay safe this bonfire night by:

  • Only attending organised bonfires/firework events
  • Reporting unofficial bonfires on public land – you can do this by contacting Trafford Council
  • Ensuring refuse is disposed of responsibly
  • Contacting GMFRS to safely dispose of unwanted fireworks

If you have fireworks that you no longer want GMFRS can collect them free of charge and arrange for their safe destruction. You can call them on 0800 555 815.

If you notice another resident in your block not following this fire safety advice in the first instance, please contact Trafford Housing Trust on 0300 777 7777.

Customers in high-rise accommodation

For customers in high rise accommodation, living in a high rise building may offer you a fantastic view of fireworks from the comfort of your own home or balcony. If you intend to watch from your balcony, then please follow general balcony safety advice:

  • Never set off fireworks from your balcony or from within the communal areas of your flat
  • Do not use BBQs under any circumstances
  • Do not use chimineas, fire pits or any other form of open fire on your balcony
  • Never store flammable materials like gas on your balcony
  • Reduce clutter and try and keep items on the balcony to a minimum
  • If you smoke make sure you stub cigarettes out and NEVER flick them off your balcony

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