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Do you want to get out and about? Want to get to know more about your neighbours?  The following activities are ideal if you want to make a difference to where you live and might be right up your street! 

. These are listed as follows...


  Tenant and Resident Associations (TRA's) 


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One or two hours per month - regular commitment

We support a number of existing Tenant and Resident Associations (TRA's) and can assist with the development of new groups.  TRA's are elected bodies who organise a range of activities in a specific area. Groups that want to set up and get started are supported with advice from THT staff, help with promoting the group to local residents, developing a constitution, training, setting up bank accounts and applying for grant funding.

Tenants Associations operating in our neighbourhoods

Broadheath Allotments  Altrincham
Woodsend TRA Flixton
School Walk TRA Old Trafford
Positive Partington Partington
Daresbury and Rostherne TRA Sale
Sapling Grove Sale
Stretford House Stretford
Trees TRA Stretford
Newhaven TRA Timperley 

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Neighbourhood Champions

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One or two hours per month - regular commitment

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Neighbourhood Champions are devolved down into 3 sections Block, Estate and Green Champions.

  • Block champions- where you inspect the cleanliness of block you live in,
  • Estate champions- where you inspect the estate you live on and look at graffiti, abandoned vehicles, street lighting,
  • Green champions -where you inspect the grounds maintenance service.

You will be given inspection sheets to score the service and we will then report your findings to the relevant teams. You will be invited to quarterly meetings where we provide useful updates and information for our neighbourhood champions to continue to deliver their role. You will also be awarded with £20 Love 2 Shop vouchers for completing 3 inspections.

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Neighbourhood Inspections

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One off-low commitment

neighbourhood inspection_217x145.jpgCustomers and our Housing Officers walk around an area to identify issues of concern and agree actions and a timescale for improvements.  The inspections are scheduled on request from customers.

  • Cleanliness
  • Litter & Graffiti
  • Vandalism
  • Untidy gardens
  • Illegal parking
  • Abandoned properties
  • Repairs

An inspection can be carried out on any estate or street.

Neighbourhood Inspections are carried out by the Housing Officers for each area.  Attendees will be sent a copy of the actions agreed on the inspection. 

 To find out more about the Inspections happening in your area click HERE

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 Coffee Mornings

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One off-low commitment

coffee morning_207x138.jpgWeekly coffee mornings are held in each of our sheltered schemes to provide residents and the local community a chance to socialise and interact with others.  This is a way we can to talk to residents in a setting that they are comfortable with.

Come along, and grab a coffee and a biscuit! 

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