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Tenant and Resident Groups

A Tenant and Resident Group (sometimes called an association, or TRA) is a group of local people who get together to discuss issues that may be affecting the area they live in. These are open to all the residents in a specified area including people who've bought their own properties. 

Tenant and Resident Groups set their own agendas. Some groups may want to focus on housing issues, such as repairs or empty properties, whilst others may have an interest in local community issues such as the environment or crime. Alternatively, some may wish to participate in wider housing policy matters. 

Some groups are formal and have agreed a set of rules (known as a constitution) and this means they can receive funding from Trafford Housing Trust to help them run. 

You may not want a formal group and want to operate on your own. Whatever you choose, you will still receive advice and support from the Community Partnership Team. 

Where are they?

Stretford House

Wardle Close

The Meadows

The Trees

Circle Court


Granville Road

Positive Partington

The Grange



Leverett Close

GETTRA TRA (Lyngarth House, Ellesmere Road, Tarron Place, Grosvenor Road)

The Gorse

Chapel Walks

Daresbury & Rostherne

South Devon

It you would like to know when and where the groups meet please contact the Community Partnerships Team or through the customer hub on 0300 777 77 77

There isn't a group in my area - how do I start my own?

If you would like information help and support to set up a group in your own area please contact us at or through the customer hub on 0300 777 77 77





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