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The Trafford Housing Trust Youth Team's mission is to provide children and young people opportunities and activities in the heart of our neighbourhoods that allow them to actively participate in building and maintaining better communities.

We believe that joint planning and working with community and statutory service providers is extremely important if we are to achieve our goals. Our partners include:

  • The Youth Service
  • The Youth Offending Service
  • Children & Young People's Service
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Connexions
  • Positive Activities for Young People
  • The Probation Service
  • Community Groups
  • Schools
  • Other key stakeholders

 Working with partners, the Youth Team objectives are to: 

  • Allow young people to take the lead in projects whilst providing support and additional resources 
  • Build relationships between young people and between generations 
  • Consult with groups of young people to find out what they want 
  • Design and run projects based on their express needs 
  • Allow young people to develop, design and plan activities  
  • Allow young people to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme

 By working with young people in the Trafford Community we also want to: 

  • Help reduce anti-social behaviour, youth nuisance/presence and groups/gangs of young people hanging about estates
  • Help reduce youth crime because individuals are actively engaged in meaningful activities
  • Improve community cohesion due to intergenerational projects
  • Reduce the fear associated with crime due to the positive contributions of young people being highlighted to the community
  • Increase educational and employment prospects for young people as a result of the programme

At Trafford Housing Trust the Youth Team recognises that for young people to develop they need the input of their community; for society to have a vision of what it wants for its young people; for young people to grow up in communities and not programmes or projects; adults need to work in partnership with young people in an effort to promote youth development.

To effectively combine youth development with community development, the Youth Team will: 

  • Develop young people's connections to their own identity, culture and community
  • Recognise that young people are assets to their community
  • Engage with young people as community leaders on issues that matter to and directly affect them
  • Bring young people and adults together to work as equal partners

The Youth Team ties activities into the principles of the Every Child Matters Programme, encouraging young people in Trafford to be healthy, stay safe, to enjoy and achieve, to make a positive contribution and also achieve economic well-being. 

For more information about the Youth Team, please email here

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