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Project 1 – Tamworth Neighbourhood

The long term aim for the Tamworth Estate is to create a mixed tenure estate with three high quality tower blocks alongside quality family accommodation that better meets local need. The team has now started work on this. The three remaining tower blocks have been refurbished and the last of the 'Bird' blocks has now gone.

For the latest information and images please follow the "Tamworth" link at the right-hand side of this page.

Project 2 – Chorlton Road Gateway

This project may run alongside parts of the Tamworth project. The plan is to make the Chorlton Road area the focus of the community around it as a high street. This includes developing new shops on the corner of Ayres Road and Chorlton Road and 164 apartments – mainly above the shops. No work has commenced on this part of the master plan yet.

Project 3 – Cornbrook Park Neighbourhood

Work has been completed on regenerating Princess and Empress Courts.  The next phase of the project in the Cornbrook Park neighbourhood is to turn the estate to be outward facing to make it part of the wider community and much less isolated.

For more information and images please follow the "Cornbrook Park" link at the right-hand side of this page.

Project 4 & 6 – The Cliftons and Shrewsbury Street

The central part of the Old Trafford Master Plan looks at ways of improving St. Alphonsus and St. Brides Fields to include more pitches and a new community resource centre linked to the school. There is also an option to change the Clifton Estate in the same way as the Rivers Estate so it improves the street connections and creates a more attractive neighbourhood.

For more information and images please follow the "Shrewsbury Street" link at the right-hand side of this page.

Project 7 – Stretford Road Gateway

The Stretford Road Gateway is at the heart of the Master Plan and once the commercial market improves there will be opportunities to create a local shopping area alongside new housing. Until this time The Trust is focusing on developing housing having built 62 new homes on Essex Way. The aim is to connect it to the wider area and create a gateway to Old Trafford.

For more information and images please follow the “Stretford Road" link at the right-hand side of this page.

Project 8 – Fahey’s Depot Site

The owners of this private land are currently looking at options for developing the site. More information will be provided here once they have confirmed their intentions for this site.

Project 9 – St George's Gateway

St George's Gateway is the main link to Manchester City Centre and there is an opportunity to create a focal point for the area such as a landmark building. Options for this area will be explored once the commercial market recovers however it is unlikely any work will start in this area within the next 5 years.






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