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Welcome to Neighbourhoods! Trafford Housing Trust has properties and land from Altrincham to Old Trafford. Our officers work in your community to continuously improve neighbourhoods and ensure that they are a great place for you to live. Here you can find out how we deal with some of the many challenges that neighbourhoods bring as well as how you might get involved.

Abandoned and nuisance vehicles- Find out what to do if you think a vehicle is abandoned or causing a nuisance and what action we will take to tackle the problem.

Block Inspections- Do you live in a high-rise or low-rise block of flats? Caretaking Supervisors regularly inspect blocks of flats.

If you want to attend a block inspection with the supervisor for your area, click here

Grounds Maintenance- Find out what you can expect from our service and view the schedule of visits. The winter works schedule is now available.

Neighbourhood Inspections - You are invited to take a walk with us around your neighbourhood and talk to us about some of the things that you think could be improved.

Trees- Find out how Trafford Housing Trust manages their trees, including what we will and won't do.

Untidy Gardens- Your Housing Officer will take action on untidy gardens in your neighbourhood. Need help with your garden? Contact your housing officer to discuss options to bring your garden to a good standard.

Recycling and waste management - find out more here

Want to know more about what our staff in the neighbourhoods do then click the links below to read about...










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