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Neighbourhood Inspections

Your Housing Officer carries out monthly neighbourhood inspections where they walk around with residents who point out problems in the area such as litter, graffiti and repairs. Provide choice in how customers can get involved 

Some FAQ's about Neighbourhood Inspections (click the links below)

What is an neighbourhood inspection?

Your Housing Officer will carry out an inspection of their area and check on items such as; cleanliness, litter, graffiti, vandalism, untidy gardens, illegal parking, abandoned properties, repairs, health and safety including compliance with fire management plans for communal areas in flats, etc.

Do I have to go on the full inspection?

No, you can just pop out as we walk down your street and point out the issues relevant to you.

Can our Housing Officer resolve all our issues?

Your Housing Officer does have a small budget to address minor issues that need a "quick fix" and they can involve officers from other THT services such as Repairs and Regeneration, to help resolve the issue.

Some issues you highlight may be the responsibility of other agencies, for example Trafford Council are responsible for bin collections and roads. Your Housing Officer will still discuss these issues with you and tell you where to go for help, or contact the relevant agencies or invite the relevant people on the next inspection to tackle the issues on the spot.

We may, therefore, ask representatives from other agencies to join us on the inspection - for example, local Councillors or people from Trafford Council, GM Police, other Housing Associations or, if you wish, you can invite them yourself, if you think they can help.

How will I know what action is going to be taken?

Everyone who attends an inspection will obtain written feedback and updates will also be available on our website.

I'm a young person - how can I get involved?

We have found that young people often have different issues and concerns about the area where they live. A member of our Youth Team can join the inspection with you to listen to your concerns and your ideas for improvement.


Will there be a neighbourhood inspection in my area? How can I get involved?

You can request a neighbourhood inspection from your housing officer. The inspection can be used to take a look at a specific issue on your estate or you can walk around with your housing officer to look at various issues.

Contact your local housing officer on 0300 777 7777 or by sending us an email (link for customer hub email) 









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