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shutterstock_345366353.jpgThings you can and can’t recycle after Christmas


After the presents are unwrapped and the food is eaten, Christmas leaves us with lots of packaging, rubbish and leftover food.

Here’s how to make sure it all ends up in the right place, and some tips to re-use items or make space for new things in your home.


Use your left-over Christmas food to vary your meals during the festive week, like Turkey curry, ‘bubble and squeak’ (leftover fried vegetables), or lentil & vegetable soup. Recipes and tips can be found at Love food, Hate waste

If you can’t re-use your leftover food, recycle it in a compostable bag and put it in your green bin. Look out for your roll of compostable bins which will be provided by the Council free of charge in November or December. If you need extra bags, you can collect a roll from your local library or phone the Council to order one on 0161 912 2000.


Need to make space for all the new toys that Santa is bringing? Donate old toys to your local charity shop or, if you have unopened toys you can give them to Key 103’s mission Christmas.

Find your nearest drop off point here: Cash for Kids

Old Christmas trees and decorations

Once you have finished with your real Christmas tree please place it at your bin collection point before 6:30am on the day your green bin is due to be emptied and the Council will collect it for composting. Make sure you remove any decorations and the wooden block at the base first!

Most people re-use their decorations each year, but if you choose not to then donate them to charity shop. If they are broken or have seen better days, put them in your general waste.

Cardboard and wrapping paper

You can re-use cardboard boxes in your home for storage, hiding places for your pets or making dens with the kids.

Otherwise, cardboard can be recycled in your blue bin - squashing down boxes will help make more space. The Council will take extra cardboard away during the Christmas collection so if you run out of space just flatten the boxes and leave them next to your blue bin.

Plain wrapping paper can also go in your blue bin, but remember to remove any tape first. Some types of wrapping paper such as those containing foil, glitter and plastic coated can’t be recycled so please put this in your grey general waste bin.

For more Christmas recycling advice for festive bin collect schedules in Trafford, go to Trafford Council, Christmas recycling

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