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Trafford residents recycling habits revealed


Earlier this year, Trafford residents were congratulated for holding onto their top 10 spot as one of the highest household recycling areas in the country and the best performing in Greater Manchester.

recycling banner.JPGSupporting residents to recycle, our Housing Officers have been working with One Trafford and Keep Britain Tidy visiting 513 homes in the area to find out ways we can encourage people to recycle.

The results show that nearly 90% (88.8%) of people who answered the survey use the recycling bins provided which shows that most people want to do the right thing. The most common items recycled were paper, plastic bottles and tins/cans.

The main reasons residents gave for not recycling were that they “can’t be bothered”, and are put off by others “not using the bins properly.”

Two thirds (59.6%) of respondents recycle food waste such as fruit and veg, cooked leftovers and bread, rice or noodles. However, a “lack of liners” and “no information received” were included as reasons preventing people from recycling food waste.

This calls for more awareness around all the foods which can be recycled including meat and fish, dairy products, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds and garden waste. For a full list of the foods which can be put in your green bin or caddy visit the Council’s website here.

Our Waste Management lead, Natalie Hyde, says: “It’s encouraging that most of the people we spoke to are using the recycling services. We want to help even more of our customers to recycle and welcome any suggestions on how we can do this.

As well as creating a greener future, recycling can also save customers money, reduce caretaking service charges, prevent problems with pests and create a safer area to live in.”

Following the campaign, we’ll continue working with One Trafford and Keep Britain Tidy to review the feedback received and take steps to remove barriers to recycling and keep Trafford green.

For more information, take a look at Trafford Council's guide recycling the right stuff in the right bin here:

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