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Turn over a new leaf and help your garden


With autumn upon us and the trees shedding their leaves, we’re bringing you some top tips for getting rid of plant waste.

Give your soil a treat


If you mow over your leaves you can use the mixture of grass clippings and shredded leaves as a treatment for your soil. This mix of grass and leaves stays nice and fluffy and decomposes more quickly. Layer the mixture over the soil in your beds and leave it over the winter to create nutrient-rich beds for planting in the spring.  

If you don’t have any grass clippings just pile up your leaves and let them sit there until they decompose, which usually takes about 8 to 12 months. Use the mixture to add nutrients to the soil that you use for bedding plants or potted plants.

Make Compost

Leaves make great quality compost - 2 parts grass and 1 part leaves makes the perfect mixture for ahigh nutrient compost – so you won’t have to pay for compost when you’re ready to plant. For more tips on composting see our advice guide here.

A free activity for the kids

Get your kids or grandkids to collect leaves in the garden and use them to make pictures. The internet has loads of ideas on how to use leaves in artistic ways.

Create an animal habitat

Rake leaves underneath hedges or into a pile in a corner of your garden to offer safe cover and warmth to insects or animals over the winter. Hedgehogs are an endangered species in the UK and you can use leaves and other items to build them a hedgehog house. 

If you’d rather dispose of your garden waste, you can put it in your green bin providing you’ve paid the Council’s latest service charge which changed to £35 per year from the 5th June 2017, or take your leaves to your local disposal site:

Chester Road Household Waste Recycling Centre
Chester Road, Stretford, M32 9AU
Telephone: 0161 865 8817

Sinderland Road Household Waste Recycling Centre
Woodhouse Lane (off Sinderland Road)
Altrincham, WA14 5TB
Telephone: 0161 928 6995

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