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Trees make a considerable contribution to our environment. They absorb pollution and CO2, release oxygen to the atmosphere, provide shade and shelter, provide screening, create distinct habitats and eco-systems and support a wide range of wildlife. They are also a major visual component of our landscapes and as such, make a significant contribution to our quality of life and sense of wellbeing.
When we receive requests for tree works our first consideration will be the impact on the community in general.  For example, we don't usually do any work which will benefit an individual but which means a loss to the community.

Additionally, because of limited funding available for tree work, we need to carefully manage the need for tree pruning and will always give priority to health and safety issues. This means that there will be requests for tree works that we do not consider a priority and which will usually be declined, such as: 

  • to increase light and reduce shading
  • to improve television reception.
  • to reduce leaf litter
  • to reduce bird droppings or insect deposits
  • to allow installation of or maintain light to solar panels

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