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Want to move home?  Why not try HomeSwapper?

  • The Mutual Exchange solution for tenants
  • Free Registration and matching for THT tenants
  • Opportunity to exchange with tenants in Trafford, Manchester, the North West and beyond

HomeSwapper is the UK's largest and most successful home swap service.  HomeSwapper is free to all our tenants and is an easy to use and exciting way to move home.  Each week thousands of people living in social housing register online and advertise their homes, looking for another tenant who would like to swap.

Some descriptionAs a THT tenant you can swap homes with another tenant using HomeSwapper and best of all it is FREE!  Better still, finding a mutual exchange through HomeSwapper means you won't have to wait months on a housing register and you will get to choose the home you want for yourself.

HomeSwapper has the UK's largest database of people looking to swap homes with over 246,000 users across the UK.  In the past 12 months 29,000 households have swapped homes thanks to HomeSwapper.

HomeSwapper uses the details you supply to automatically match you to other tenants who may have a home that you'd like and who would also be interested in your property.  When HomeSwapper finds you a match you will be alerted by SMS text or email.  You can then log onto HomeSwapper, look at the home you have been matched with and if you like the look of it you can arrange to visit it.

You can use HomeSwapper straight away by logging on to and registering to use the service.

To register:

  • Use the link above. 
  • Input your details
  • Input details of your home (number of bedrooms, location etc) - You can even add pictures!

Once you have submitted your details we will confirm you are our tenant and you can start to receive your matches.

When you find a property you wish to swap with contact the Tenant via the contact details on HomeSwapper and arrange to have a look at the property and for them to look at yours.  Please note that mutual exchange properties are taken as you see them any agreement to leave furniture etc is between you and the tenant you are swapping with.  Once you have agreed that you want to swap contact us and ask the other tenant to contact their landlord.

What happens when I have found a match?

  • Contact our Customer Hub on 0300 777 77 77
  • You will be asked to complete a form with your details and property details and the details of the person and property you wish to swap with
  • You will be visited by the Home Living Advisor for your area and the other tenant will be visited by a representative of their landlord.
  • At this visit an inspection will be carried out
  • Your rent account will be checked and you must have no rent arrears
  • Mutual Exchange is not automatic and a decision will be made within 20 days.
  • You must not move before this time.

What is the decision is based upon?

  • You and the person moving into your property having a clear rent account.
  • The property you are moving is the correct size for your household needs
  • Your property is not too big for the people moving into your property.

We would not agree to an exchange which would result in either party becoming intentionally overcrowded or under occupying the exchange property

Once the exchange is approved you will be asked to come into the office to sign a deed of assignment.

Some descriptionYou will need to attend with the person you are swapping with as they will also need to sign.  This is also usually done with the other tenant's landlord representative, where the other person in the mutual exchange is not one of our Tenants.

You will agree a date to move

  • On this date you will be required to have the electricity and gas checked at your new home and the new tenant will be required to have these checks on the property they are moving into.
  • You move into your new home!

Good luck in your search for a new home.

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