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Trafford Housing Trust advertises its properties to let through the HOST (Housing Options Services Trafford).


There are some exceptional circumstances where we do not advertise properties through HOST, these are...

  • Where an existing Trust Tenant is experiencing extreme difficulty in their current home and we need to move them.
  • Decants where we move some of our tenants out  because their home is being demolished or regenerated in a way that means it is not suitable for the current tenants
  • Transfers where an existing tenant moves between one THT property and another

With the exception of these categories, the Trust will advertise all its empty properties through Trafford Council and their contractor HOST

If you want to be considered for a Trust property you will:

Once you receive your application number:

  • Check Trafford Homesearch every Wednesday for the properties that are available to bid for or pop into Waterside House.
  • Only place a bid on the property that matches your household needs, if you bid for something you are not eligible for this will count against you.

If you are successful you will be contacted to discuss the property, if you have not heard about a property by the following Tuesday it is unlikely that you have been successful at this time. 

Because the Housing Register and Homelessness are now run by HOST we are unable to answer queries regarding these services.  If you have any questions regarding your housing options or you wish to discuss your application please contact HOST. 

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