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Adapting your home

Sometimes circumstances change and you may need to adapt your home to suit your needs.

At Trafford Housing Trust, we want you to live comfortably in your home and to be able to adapt your living space to suit your lifestyle or, if required, to move to a new home that can fulfil all your requirements.

We work with a range of Occupational Therapists to assess your living arrangements, who can then recommend any changes you need to make your home life simpler.

If you are a Trafford Housing Trust Tenant or leaseholder then please contact Trafford Council's Equipment and Adaptation Advice Line on 0845 299 0798. An Occupational Therapist will discuss your needs on the telephone. If you are eligible for an assessment your details will be added to therelist of people waiting for a home visit. You can also email the assesment team on 

Click here for more information about Trafford's One Stop Resource Cente and who can apply for adaptations 

Alternatively, you can email any questions here , also click here to download a leaflet outlining the ways you can apply for an adaptation if you live in one of our properties.


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