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Leaseholder - Service Charges & Billing

utilitybills_300_alt_200x200.jpgIt costs us money to carry out repairs or work to keep your property or block in good condition, to manage it, and to provide any other services for you.  Service charges are your share of these costs.

What is a service charge? 

Service charges are your share of the costs for providing repairs, maintenance and services at the block where you live. For example, caretaking, communal lighting, gardening or repairs in shared areas.  Every September, service charge invoices are issued to leaseholders showing how much the service had actually cost in the previous financial year between 1 April to 31 March. 

An invoice for major repairs works  has also been issued to some leaseholders for any large one-off works which are not day to day maintenance and repairs works.  These are usually major repair works, where consultation is required, such as re-roofing, installing double glazing and major re-pointing.

Do I have to pay a service charge? 

If we provide a service to your block, you will have to pay us a service charge. This will be stated in your lease. If you would like to pay monthly this can be arranged by setting-up a standing order or Direct Debit.  To arrange this, please contact our Money Support Team on 0300 777 7777.  From September 2015, your service charge account must be paid either in advance or upon receipt of the service charge invoice.  This is in line with your lease agreement. Please contact our Leaseholder Lead for more information on 0300 777 7777.

We have sent you repairs statements at regular intervals so that you could query any communal repairs carried out to your block nearer to the repair taking place.

Buildings Insurance

This is to provide cover against specified risks of accidental loss, destruction or damage to the block (fire, flood and earthquake).  This is an annual charge based on the rebuild value of your property.  The annual buildings insurance policy is sent to each leaseholder and shared owner once a year.  The annual policy is available to download HERE

How are service charges calculated?

The charges are based on the cost to the Trust of providing the service for the previous financial year for the period between 1 April to 31 March.  This is then divided by the total number of properties in the block receiving the service.  You are charged according to the terms and conditions in your lease.

I cannot afford to pay my service charges - what can I do?

Contact our Debt Advisor and/or Welfare Rights Officer on 0300 777 7777 or


Who do I speak to about a payment plan or Direct Debit enquiry?

Contact our Money Support Team on 0300 777 7777or

Who do I speak to if I dispute my service charges?

Contact our Service Charge Lead or Leaseholder Lead on 0300 777 7777or

Property Chamber, Northern Residential Property First Tier Tribunal 
First Floor, 5 New York Street, Manchester M1 4JB 
Tel: 0161 237 9491 

How can I pay my service charges?

You must pay your service charges within 28 days of when you receive your invoice.  You can choose one of the following ways to pay.

Direct Debit - you can set this up easily by contacting our Money Support Team on 0300 777 7777

Paying in instalments by direct debit

You can pay your service charge estimate by a monthly direct debit. If you have a current account with a bank or building society you can set up a direct debit to pay the service charge each month. Your bank or building society will make the payments out of your account.Please phone 0300 777 7777and ask to speak to our Money Support Team.

Leaseholders - Major Works

There are several criteria that determine when major works are carried out, as follows...

  1. When components are old and in poor condition [roofs, windows, pointing]
  2. Apparatus has reached the end of their standard industry life cycle and replacement is required to maintain safe operation [lifts, secure entrance doors, fire alarms]
  3. Compliance with changes in legislation -  for example  compliance with the Fire Safety Order 2005 - replacement of individual flat doors [for leaseholder properties located within communal staircases]
  4. Agreed service provision - cyclical painting programme - agreed in the pre-transfer offer document, currently set at every 7 years for external painting and every 5 years for communal stairs / landings

How does Trafford Housing Trust expect me to pay this invoice?

We have developed a range of flexible repayment options that should allow you to settle the major works charges.  The options are available on our leaflet entitled "Financial Assistance for Leaseholders" which was distributed to every leaseholder.  You can contact us for the leaflet and we can send this to you.  Alternatively, you can access the leaflet HERE 

However, if you cannot access this leaflet, please contact your Leaseholder Lead on 0300 7777777 or and we can arrange to have the leaflet sent to you.

When you receive an invoice for Major Works, it is important to contact our Money Support Team to arrange a repayment option within 30 calendar days of the date of that invoice.  If you do not, your account will fall into arrears and you risk legal proceedings being taken against you.  Please contact a member of our Money Support Team on 0300 777 7777 if you would like to come discuss repayment options. 






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