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Leaseholder - Service Standards

Repairs & Maintenance

  • We will maintain the structure and exterior of your building.

  • We will give you reasonable notice if we need to get into your home to carry out any repairs, unless we need emergency access to carry out an urgent repair.

  • We will provide you with a no-obligation free quotation for any repair you wish to carry out to your home.

  • To help maintain a high quality service, we will carry out post inspections of at least 10% of repairs carried out on your property.

Service Charges

  • We will tell you how we work out service charges, the various ways you can pay and give you advice and help if you fall behind with payments.

  • We will give you an invoice for your service charges every year.  The invoice will clearly state the services you are being charged for.

  • We will provide Major Works account statements on request.

  • We will ensure your property has buildings insurance. You will continue to be responsible for insuring your home contents.

Service Charge Accounts

  • Provide a service charge account statement on request

  • Contact you within 28 days if your account falls into arrears

  • Agree to reduce arrears via a payment plan and explain the payment options available to you

  • Offer welfare benefits and money management advice

Major Works

We will consult you before carrying out major works, unless the works are an emergency.

Stage 1 - The Notice of Intention

  • The Notice of Intention will set out what works are proposed and why the work needs to be carried out.  You will have 30 days to make any comments.  You will have 30 days to nominate a contractor.

Stage 2 - Statement of Estimates

  • Once estimates for the works are obtained, you will be sent a notice about the costs of the work.    You will have 30 days to make any comments.

Stage 3 - Notice of Reasons

  • If we do not choose the contractor that you nominate or if we do not choose the cheapest estimate, we will send you a Notice of Reasons which will explain why we chose the contractor to carry out the major works.

Customer Services

  • We will provide new leaseholders with our Leaseholder & Shared Owners Handbook.  If you would like a copy of our Leasehold Handbook, please telephone 0300 777 7777 to request one, alternatively you can click here to download a copy

  • We will hold Annual Leaseholders Together meetings to consult you and discuss issues that are important to leaseholders.

  • We will provide information and advice in each edition of the PULSE magazine.






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