Trafford Housing Trust

Adjustments made to Accounts

The Trust continually strives to ensure that all charges are accurate, however there may be occasions when adjustments may be neccesary.

The types of adjustments that Customers could receive are...

 1. New charge

  • Customer has been receiving a service that it has not previously been paying for.
  • There will be NO BACKDATING for lost revenue.
  • Charge is shown as a separate line on the rent account. 

2. Removed charge

  • Property has been charged for a service it did not receive.
  • Rent stays as it would without the removed charge but a credit will have been applied to the account.
  • If Housing Benefit pay your rent it is more than likely the charge will be due to Housing Benefit.  

3. Adjusted Charge.

  • Where customers have been paying the wrong amount for a service they receive E.G 5 properties have been paying for a service 10 properties receive.
  • Charge for this year will therefore have been reduced if they have overpaid in previous years.
  • If customers have not paid the charge when they should have this will start now and will NOT BE BACKDATED. 

Over and Unders.

  • This is what happens when a previously estimated cost is wrong and when the service has been provided it is over or under what was originally estimated.
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