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What Services do THT provide in your Home?

Communal Facilities

A member of our team will clean all communal areas including corridors, lounges, kitchens, laundry and toilets for their specified contractual hours (hours may vary by scheme).   We also provide gas, electricity and water supplies to communal areas.

Contract Cleaning

Refuse chutes will be cleaned at least once a year by our appointed contractor.


CCTV monitoring has been provided in-house since 2012 when we upgraded all of the equipment to a digital system. This has resulted in clearer images making it easier to identify people committing criminal acts or breaching their tenancy agreements. The cameras are monitored on 24 hours; 7 days a week and we work with other agencies to take action against people caught breaking the law on camera.


Tower blocks: We provide a cleaning service to the block internally and externally.  This includes the immediate environment, such as a litter pick, bulk refuse removal, and regular daily checks of refuse chutes, lifts and communal lighting.

Low rise blocks: We provide a fortnightly cleaning service to the block and immediate environment, including a litter pick and bulk refuse removal and to ensure all block service are operational, e.g. lifts and communal lighting (where applicable).

In both cases services are provided by our in-house caretaking team and all repairs are reported to the customer hub.

Digital TV, Door Maintenance, Lift Maintenance and Community Alarms

Equipment will be serviced at least annually by a qualified professional.  Any repairs identified will be undertaken promptly.

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment including fire alarms and electrical equipment will be regularly maintained by a qualified engineer.

Grounds Maintenance

The contract that took effect in August 2010 provides that, during the growing season, our contractors will, as a minimum:

  • Cut all grassed areas twice a month from April to October.
  • Provide a date scheduled for each visit from April to October.
  • Trim all hedges once per season
  • Define edging between grassed and bedded areas once per season
  • Undertake weeding of bedded areas as required at each visit
  • Spray communal paths to clear weeds as required at each visit

Intensive Housing Management

Each Sheltered Housing scheme will have a designated Scheme Manager who will visit and make contact with you as agreed. Scheme managers will also be responsible for letting properties and the overall management of the scheme and will provide housing related support to the residents.

Lighting and Central Heating

The Trust will supply lighting and heating to blocks of properties

Trust Call

Your alarm call will be answered within one minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  A Trust Call technician will arrange an appropriate response or visit if necessary in an emergency within 20 minutes.

We are always looking at how the services could be further developed and are interested in what customers think.  If you want your views to be heard please contact us via our Customer Hub.  

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