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What are rent non-collection weeks?

Our non-collection weeks for 2018 are

  • Weeks commencing 2nd and 9th  April
  • Weeks commencing 24th and 31st December

If you are in front with payments...

If you are ahead with your rent payments, or your account is clear, thank you… Your regular payments are very much appreciated.  Similarly, if you pay by direct debit and your account is due to be clear or in credit at year end, thank you.  If you pay by direct debit, you don't need to change your direct debit amount - your monthly payments should have already taken the non-collection weeks into account already. 

If you are behind with payments...

If you have arrears and are reducing your arrears through a payment agreement or Court Order, you must continue to pay during our non-collection weeks.  If you do not make payments in line with your agreement or court order, we will take further action for payment breaches.  

Working with you...

We always prefer to work with customers to resolve issues around rent payments. Please contact the Money Support Team  immediately on 0300 777 7777 Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm if you are having difficulties paying. Where you have arrears and you chose not to engage with us, we will take further action to recover any monies that are owed but we would always prefer to work with you.

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