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Benefits aware logo.png gardening_services.jpgAs you have probably already heard, there are going to be changes to the way you receive benefits, but do you know what is happening or how you may be affected? 

If you claim benefits, it is important that you understand the changes taking place. 

'It is important you begin to prepare for these changes now to make sure you are able to pay your rent and don't risk losing your home.'


We have produced two information videos (below) which we hope will help to explain the changes in the Welfare Benefits system.

We have also produced a number of leaflets to help tenants understand the changes which are available to download below...

Under Occupation FAQs
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Bedroom Tax Postcard Guide
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Welfare Reform leaflet 1
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The Trust has a dedicated team who will give you full details on the options available to you so that you can decide what the best solution is for you, the Welfare Reform Officers are here to discuss the options available to you.  If you think that these changes will affect you please do not hesitate to contact us by ...



Since April 2013 the government has implemented a under occupancy charge which is deducted from any housing benefit if there are bedrooms that are unused in your home.

  • If you have one extra bedroom the rent used to work out your housing benefit will be reduced by 14%.

  • If you have two (or more) extra bedrooms the rent used to work out your housing benefit will be reduced by 25%.

You may wish to down size so as not to incur these costs in which case you could register to apply for a smaller property at Housing Options Service Trafford (HOST) or a swap to a smaller property via Homeswapper (a nationwide online home swap service)

 CLICK HERE to find out if you might be exempt from the under-occupancy deduction


You may be eligible for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) this is a payment the local council can give you if your Housing Benefit is less than the full amount of your rent.  However this is a limited payment and will require a financial assessment.


Since July 2013 the Government have put a cap on the amount of benefits you can receive. This cap affects people aged between 16 and 61.

The maximum amount of benefit permitted:

  • £350 per week for a single person without children.

  • £500 per week for a single parent, or a couple with or without children.

This will not apply if:

  • You get pension credit or working tax credit.

  • A member of your household is claiming disability living allowance, attendance allowance or the support element of employment and support allowance.

Universal Credit is a new benefit that will be paid directly to you every month. As the new payment is made monthly, in arrears, it is important that you budget your money so it lasts the whole month.

What is Universal Credit?

Diagram.pngDiagram.pngUniversal Credit will replace and combine a number of benefits and tax credits. If you are aged between 18 and 61 and claim the following benefits you will be affected:

  • Income Support

  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance

  • Income-related Employment & Support Allowance

  • Housing Benefit

  • Child Tax Credit

  • Working Tax Credit

(This will NOT include Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Carers Allowance.)

Housing Benefit

When the Universal Credit is implemented in this area your housing benefit will be paid directly to you as part of your monthly Universal Credit payment. It will then be your responsibility to pay your rent to us directly. The best way to do this and make sure you never forget a payment is to set up a Direct Debit to ensure the payment is paid automatically each month.


Please be aware, if you don't pay your rent you will be breaking the terms of your tenancy agreement and may lose your home.


If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent and manage your money, please seek advice from either the Trafford Housing Trust Money Support Team.

There are also a number of external agencies who can help you, along with teams within the Trust.


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