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Welcome to Neighbourhood Services

Welcome to Neighbourhood Services, at Trafford Housing Trust, we want you to feel proud of your home and the area in which you live.

As part of our service offer to you will strive to provide clean, safe and attractive neighbourhoods for you to live in, allowing you and your family to be proud of your local area.

The Neighbourhood Servicing team provide cleaning and estate servicing throughout Trafford, ensuring we provide clean, safe and attractive communities for our customers.

The team is made up of three areas all of which are responsible for carrying servicing, these services include, Site Servicing teams, Estate Servicing and working with our Ground Maintenance contractors, Greenfingers and Clean Start.

We work hand in hand with Housing Officers, assisting with tenancy breaches regarding waste, reporting Anti Social Behaviour and also completing on site repairs where needed.

Our service comprises of the following teams

  •          Mobile cleaning service
  •          Estate service
  •          Grounds maintenance

Each team is made up of a number of Neighbourhood Servicing Operatives 

 In fulfilling our service promise to you we will...

  • Keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy
  • Keep your neighbourhood free from hazards
  • Remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours
  • Arrange for abandoned vehicles to be removed as soon as possible.
  • Report issues that aren’t our responsibility to the relevant organisation.
  • Remove Fly tipping within 72 hours
  • Keep Communal green areas well maintained
  • Inspect and rectify dead, diseased or dangerous trees.

Read our 'Neighbourhood Servicing Standards' booklet to...

  • get a clear guide for the standards and inspections
  • know what to expect from our services
  • get details on how you can help us
  • get information on the inspection process and scoring system
  • see a photobook including every service standard
  • get details of how to make a complaint if we don’t meet the service standards
  • find out how to get involved in the services
  • find out how to tell us what you think of the services being provided.



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