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Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance 


The Trust’s CleanStart team will be providing the grounds maintenance service for all of our sites including sheltered schemes, communal sites and concessionary gardens.

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The grounds maintenance teams cut grass, trims hedges, prune shrubs and bushes and weeds on our sites throughout the year. 

Comming soon neighbourhood maps showing landscape areas that THT are responsible for.  


Frequently asked questions;

What do I pay a grounds maintenance charge for?          

You pay for the maintenance of either communal gardens, land on your estate (such as grass verges) or both. This depends on where you live, contact us is you want more information,

How often do the team come?                

We now run a fortnightly service throughout the year depending on the weather/ bank holidays.

Can someone come and clear the leaves?

If you receive a grounds maintenance service you will receive a leaf clearance service over the winter period on a scheduled basis.

If you have concerns about a customer who is vulnerable and therefore more likely to slip on fallen leaves communal area please contact us to let us know.

Note; we do not undertake leaf clearances at individual properties.

Will the team come if it rains? 

In some cases- wet weather affects the schedule and may delay the works slightly, but if it is raining it doesn’t mean the teams won’t come.  It may mean that the team do not cut the grass to avoid causing damage but work on something else e.g. pruning or turning beds.

No-one has been to cut the grass?

Grass cutting takes place around twice a month during the summer and where it is needed over the winter. You can contact the customer hub to let us know if the site is not up to standard

The hedges/ Shrubs are really overgrown.         

Hedges are cut twice a year, if your hedges have not been cut and it is after October but before April please contact us and we can arrange to do the work over winter.

Cuttings have been left after the work has been done?

Some sites are mulched, which means that the grass is churned to a finer consistency, fertilising the grass. Mulching is an environmentally friendly way of cutting the grass. You will know if the site is mulched as the grass cutting will be fine and barely noticeable.

If there are cutting left on pathways or anywhere but the grass let us know and we can rectify the problem. 



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