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Communal grounds will receive fortnightly maintenance service in Summer, between April and October and a monthly service in Winter between November and March. 

** Note; Visits are weather dependant and in periods of extreme weather maintenance visits may be delayed.



Grassed Areas

  •          Grassed areas will be cut and strimmed on each visit.




  •          Hedges will be trimmed twice a year with all cuttings removed from site.
  •          Note: To ensure that we abide by the Wildlife Act, nesting birds and other wildlife will be considered and trimming may be delayed.

Planting beds

  •          Beds will be sprayed, weeded and/or cultivated when needed.


Paths and Hard Standing


  •          Pathways and hard standing areas will be sprayed twice per year to control weeds and swept as required
  •          Moss will be treated on a scheduled basis.




  •          Shrubs will be pruned in accordance with the plants needs or the location where they are growing. 
  •          Climbers will not be allowed to get higher than 2 meters.



  •          Will be cleared off site on a scheduled basis.



  •          We do not carry out maintenance to grounds where there is animal fouling; it is the pet owner’s responsibility to remove any fouling prior to the maintenance visit.



  •          Removal of epicormic growth and crown raising up to 2 metres.




  •          This service does not include landscaping or major tree works. To discuss tree works or landscaping please contact your housing team on 0300 777 7777


Areas Maintained by Residents

  •          If you take pride in your garden and wish to maintain beds, shrubbed areas or grow your own plants, please be aware that our grounds maintenance team will not be able to assist. Should you become unable to maintain the area/s our team will replenish the area to make it maintainable at a basic level.


Complaints/ Compliments/ Comments

If you have any feedback on the team, please contact 0300 777 7777 and report this to your neighbourhood team. 

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