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Customer Promise

At Trafford Housing Trust we strive to continually improve our services to offer the best possible care for our tenants, colleagues and key partner organisations, our homes and neighbourhoods.  

As part of our drive to deliver a good value for money standard of service to our customers we have developed our Customer Promises

What are our promises?
They are the standards you can expect from us when we deliver services to you. They have been developed to improve your access to our services, give you a better experience of dealing with us and to make you proud of your home and the community you live in.

You can also download a copy by clicking the 'Our Promise to You' booklet below

Our promise to you 2015-16
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Once you have read through our Promises, please feel free to give us some feedback either by getting in touch on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Twitter: @talktrafford

We will be monitoring how well we are delivering these Promises and report back to you each year.

As well as our Customer Promise you can see how we are doing through our Quarterly Key Performance Indicators (or KPI's).  These are a series of targets that we aim to meet when delivering services to you.

Our KPI's measure...

  1. The amount of rent collected against the amount due
  2. Percentage of Repairs completed within time
  3. Average number of days it takes to get a property let
  4. Percentage of tenants who are satisfied with our services
  5. Percentage of Anti-social Behaviour cases successfully resolved
  6. Number of Complaints Received
  7. Percentage of customer calls dealt with at 1st point of contact

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