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Performance -  text only version

This is a text only accesibility version of the 'Our performance 2015/16' infographic

During the financial year 2015/16...

  • there were 17,706 people living in our homes
  • there were 33,342 repairs carried out for customers
  • we helped 1,762 customers with financial and welfare support
  • we built 26 new homes
  • we collected 99.2% (£44.7M) in rent
  • we created approximately£47m (1:4.1)* worth of social value from our core business activities
  • we helped secure an extra £2.6m income for our residents
  • we employed 32 people through our CleanStart Social Enterprise
  • 83% of customers were satisfied with our overall service
  • we supported 4,300 people through our Independent Living function
  • we managed to engage 2,000 young people through our Youth Team (up to December 2015)
  • we invested £11.8m in keeping our homes in excellent condition.

 * Initial, high-level calculations considering collective social value created through providing homes, care, support and community investment. The figure, whilst initial and subject to likely revision, represents our current understanding of the “sum of our parts” in terms of social value created.

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