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The Quality and Insight Panel are currently a group of 5 tenants who undertake scrutiny reviews into  services provided by Trafford Housing Trust


Their remit includes:

 Carrying out a programme of service reviews each year to review and make recommendations to improve the service provided to customers.  This may involve reviewing documents, interviewing staff or contractors and speaking to other customers. Discussing and agreeing customer facing policies and strategies before being submitted to the Board. 



 Panel Members are ... 

Stan Foulkes

Chairman - Quality & Insight Panel

Stan is a tenant who lives in Old Trafford. "I love Trafford. It’s my home. Why wouldn't I want to look after it?"

Christine Rooke

Member - Quality & Insight Panel

I joined QIP from the very beginning; I find it good to be involved in helping to make THT a trust that gives its tenants a great place to live in.

Ann Hunt

Secretary - Quality & Insight Panel

Ann is a tenant from Stretford - "I live in Victoria Court and I joined the QIP as I am interested in representing sheltered housing tenants."

Geraldine Sharples

Member - Quality & Insight Panel

Geraldine is a tenant from Flixton - "I joined the QIP to give a voice to sheltered housing tenants and represent the people I live alongside as I am a tenant of Marlfield Court."



Recent service reviews


The QIP recently reviewed our Repairs Service click on the Links below to view their conclusions.


QIP Repairs Report
Download now

Appendix for the QIP Repairs Report
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Customer Call for Scrutiny


The Customer Call for Scrutiny has been introduced to allow customers to request that the Quality and Insight Panel scrutinise an area of the business on your behalf.


How does it work?


If you are concerned about the quality of a service that Trafford Housing Trust is offering you or your neighbours, you can approach the QIP to request that they scrutinise the service.   


CLICK HERE to download the Customer Call for Scrutiny form.


If you would like to become a member of the Quality and Insight Panel then please contact the QIP at

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