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Trafford Housing Trust's Caretaking Team are made up of mobile caretakers, block caretakers and estate caretakers. Here we have a snap-shot of what a day is like for a caretaker working in Trafford.

Its 8am and time for us Mobile Caretakers to make sure we have got plenty of water in the van for the day ahead!

We are off to the first block of low rise flats now, where we start dusting and mopping. We find two large wardrobes that have been left in the hallway. That's a fire hazard and dangerous to other residents so we make a quick call to our Neighbourhood Partner who arranges a notice to go out to all residents warning them that the wardrobes will be disposed of if they are not removed from the communal area. We make sure that the wardrobes are in a safe location before we leave.

Okay, that's the first block done and now it's time to go and do some deck scrubbing at a block that needs some extra attention. These decks haven't been cleaned for a while so we give them a good clean. One of the windows is cracked at this block so we call the Customer Hub who log a repair for it to be fixed as soon as possible.

We have a short break at 10am and meet with the nearest high-rise block Caretaker in his office. After cleaning the lift and foyer this morning, he went to do his block inspection and found a homeless person sleeping in one of the communal hallways.

He phoned the office and the Home Living Advisor has arranged to come out and advise them about HOST (Housing Options Services Trafford). The Caretaker checked the communal entry doors to find out how the person got into the block. No doors appear broken so he asks his Neighbourhood Partner for a polite reminder to go out to all residents to be careful not to let anyone they don’t know into the block.

There are two more blocks on our schedule today, which we have to ensure are maintained to the standard of The Trust’s customer promise. When we arrive at the last block, we realise that the bin chute is blocked. After 20 minutes of trying to unblock the chute, we call to ask the Estate Caretaker to help us out so that we don't fall behind. With three of us on the job, the chute is unblocked in no time

Last block now and a resident ask us for some help. She is elderly and can't move her old TV down the stairs. We aren’t contracted to deal with individual removals but when a tenant is vulnerable, we will make the odd exception to go the extra mile. The resident also told us that her neighbour is letting her dog urinate in the stairway. We inspected the area and removed the mess. We also passed on the complaint to the Neighbourhood Partner so that they can take the necessary action. The elderly lady tells us that she had a fall recently which has knocked her confidence. We talk to her about our Independent Living Services, make a note to refer her to a TrustCall Officer who will visit to see what can be fitted in her home to reduce the risk of her falling again and talk about a pendant alarm which would mean she can send out a distress signal if she falls again so we can get help out to her quickly. She hadn't realised we could offer this service and she seems really happy that we might be able to help in this way.

Once the promise work is completed we don’t always have time to do much else but if we do get a spare hour here and there we will work with the Estate Caretaker or with the Neighbourhood Partner on estate projects to improve the community where we work. Today we repay the favour from earlier and help paint some fencing with the Estate Caretaker. Tomorrow we have been asked to look at developing a plants and a garden feature.

We finish at 4pm. Time to go home for a hard-earned rest before we start again tomorrow!

We hope you enjoyed this snap-shot of a day with the caretakers.

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