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A Day in the Life of a Housing Officer

I am a Housing Officer for Trafford Housing Trust; we rent out about 9000 social Housing properties throughout the borough of Trafford. My work is varied and no two days are the same. I get to help people in all manner of scenarios and make the Neighbourhood in which I work a place that we can be proud of.

On a typical day I arrive for work at about 8.30am, I log into my computer,  I read my e-mails and check to see if there are any messages left for me from customers requiring a call back and I also check my dairy for the day. Our Customer Hub is open until 8pm so it may be that new appointments have been scheduled for today after I left work last night.

This morning I plan to spend some time on the patch I cover checking that things look ok. Being out and about in the Neighbourhoods and chatting with tenants is my favourite part of the job, I think it’s the best way to see what’s really happening and where we can improve.

I first travel to one of our high rise blocks and meet with the caretaker. Each high rise has a caretaker whom is based at the block and on hand for any issues that may arise. I have a look around the block with the caretaker and check that the cleaning of the block is up to the standard that we expect and check for any repairs needed that have not already been reported. The caretaker informs me that one of the residents had told him that morning that he had heard loud music being played the previous evening until the early hours of this morning. I make a note of the tenant’s details and say that I will call the tenant on my return to the office.

I leave the block and I travel to my first appointment with a customer of the day; this morning’s visit is to see a customer who is on a starter tenancy, she has been in the property 6 weeks. I have met Mrs A several times before throughout the letting process and I ask how she has settled in, as a Housing Officer. It’s nice that we are being able to offer the customer a property and then stay with that customer on their journey.  I ask some questions including how she found the process from being offered the property to getting the keys and if there was anything we could have done differently, I also ask if she was happy with the standard of the property. I discuss Mrs A’s rent account with her and she confirms that a direct debit has been set up to pay the rent. I ask Mrs A if there is anything else I can do for her, she says that there isn’t at the moment and I leave Mrs A thanking her for her time.

On my way back to my car I bump into a tenant who say that they have just noticed some fly tipping around the corner, I take their details so that I can log our conversation on my return to the office, I take a picture of the fly tipping and whilst there I  e-mail Trafford Council whom we work in partnership with advising them of the fly tipping as it’s on land that they own, I then drive back to the office and I update our systems, it’s important that I do this so that if a customer calls the Customer hub, the hub can see all recent involvement and any actions taken and update the customer there and then.

After lunch I head out again, this afternoon I have 4 scheduled appointments with customers for MOT visits, we carry out these in order to ensure we have up to date information for tenants and those living with them, we also check if there are any support needs either financial or emotional

Following the afternoons visits I return to the office to check for any messages that have come in whilst I have been out and I look at my diary to see what tomorrow holds.

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