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We welcome complaints and see these as a valuable opportunity to learn and develop the service we give you and other customers.

THT has reviewed its complaints process over the past year. This has resulted in a renewed focus on resolving complaints locally and at the first point of contact. 

There are no major changes to our process, however one additional step is the introduction of a 'Designated Person'. Once you have exhausted our complaints procedure then you can refer your complaint to a 'Designated Person'

The general role of the designated person is to assist in resolving tenant complaints and issues locally. 'Designated persons' are defined as an MP, a local councillor for the relevant district (ie Trafford) and they can refer complaints from social housing tenants to the Ombudsman.

A social housing tenant may still refer their complaint directly to the Ombudsman (i.e. without a referral from a designated person) 8 weeks after the exhaustion of the landlord complaints procedure.

What is a complaint?

A complaint may be about: Our failure to provide you with an adequate service. The behaviour of our staff or our contractors. Our failure to follow our policies. Your dissatisfaction with our decisions. Our failure to respond to your enquiries. Our failure to treat you fairly on the basis of age, disability, faith, ethnicity or other grounds.  

A complaint is "an expression of dissatisfaction for which you expect a response" Complaints should not be confused with everyday enquiries, requests for a service or information, requests for an explanation of a decision made or appeals against an allocation of housing.

If you want to make a complaint please download the 'Complaints Guide for Customers'  below and contact our Customer Hub on telephone 0300 777 7777.

 You can download a Complaints Form, the Complaints Guide and Policy documents by clicking the icons below or you can complete an online Complaints Comments & Compliments form here

Complaints Policy
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Complaints Form
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Complaints Guide for Customers
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How are we doing on complaints?

You can click on any of the report icons below to see a sumary of the complaints we have handled in each quarter.

THT Complaints 2015-16 and Q1 2016-17
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Quarter 2 complaints by area & outcome 2016-17
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Quarter 3 complaints by area & outcome 2016-17
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Quarter 4 complaints by area & outcome 2016-17
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There are three steps in our complaint resolution process

1. Immediate Resolution

We will listen to your complaint and log the details on our computer system.We will attempt to identify a remedy straight away, if we can not solve your issue immediately, we will refer the complaint to someone who is most likely to be able to resolve the issue immediately. We will agree a set of actions with you. If you agree with the actions , immediate resolution will be recorded.A letter advising actions agreed will be forwarded to you. If the issue is complex and an investigation is required your complaint will be escalated to Investigation stage.

2. Investigation

The investigation will be carried out by a Manager.The investigation will involve looking into the details of the complaint from your perspective. An Investigation report will be produced which will set out: Your issue, the clear facts and evidence, matters of interpretation or misunderstanding, and what you expect by way of a remedy. A Manager will advise you of the outcome of your complaint.The outcome will be confirmed in writing.

3. Independent Review

The review will be undertaken by a small panel of board members and senior managers who have not been involved in the complaint. The panel can exist of either: 1. At least two Board members and one Director 2. External expert/mediator agreed by you andTHT It is expected that option 1 will be followed in most cases. No new issues can be introduced at the Review. You may bring a companion to act as a representative or to provide support. We will always arrange to hold the review at a convenient time and place and this could be a neutral venue of your choice

Download details of the stages of complaints we have received for the year 2015- 2016 and Quarter 1 of year 2016-2017



There may be occasions when you don't want to make a complaint but you might want to highlight something that we could do differently or in a better way. Any comment we receive from our customers is invaluable to us and we encourage customers to make suggestions that will help to shape and improve our services. If you would like to comment on the services we provide please email with the subject heading 'Service Comment'.



As a service provider, Trafford Housing Trust strives to excel in customer satisfaction. We particularly welcome feedback where our staff, services, policies and procedures have exceeded customer expectations.

If you would like to make a compliment on the services we provide please email  with the subject heading 'Service Compliment'.


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