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Community funding update

04 July 2016

Over the last ten years we have worked closely with our five Community Panels to deliver over £6m of funding to Trafford communities. Ten years on we felt it was time to review this community investment. The world has changed significantly over this time and in the current operating climate where grant funding is diminishing and our communities continue to need investment. 

cmmunity investment survey findings.png


During 2016, as part of the review, a wide-reaching community consultation has been undertaken with partners, funding stakeholders, the Community Panels, Trafford Housing Trust residents and the wider community. The report summary (which can be downloaded HERE) presents the findings from all aspects of the consultation, exploring the key themes drawn out through extensive analysis of the data;


This consultation involved;

  • An online and print survey completed by stakeholders, partners, residents and the wider community with over 600 responses
  • A series of six community consultation events with 76 people joining us for focus groups, presentations and roundtable discussions
  • 9 telephone interviews with funding providers
  • 11 telephone interviews with funding applicants
    (see Infographic below for more details)

Trafford Housing Trust would like to thank everyone who generously gave up their time to contribute their thoughts and ideas within the consultation.

We are now working hard to develop these ideas and themes into a community investment model which will allow us to increase our community impact, particularly in relation initiatives which will tackle poverty. If you would like to find out more or get involved please contact Fay Jackson 

 Community funding survey results infographic

 Click here to download a copy of this infographic



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