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Cracking down on Anti-social Behaviour

24 October 2013

THT works hard to tackle anti-social behaviour in our communities to ensure your neighbourhoods are safe and can be enjoyed by all. Here are some of this year's successful cases.

If you need to report any anti-social behaviour that has occurred in your neighbourhood, or any ASB that has been directed towards you or someone you know, please call the Customer Hub on 0300 777 7777 or email us at our new email address:


You can also report ASB on line:


 injunction image_290x108.jpg

In January, THT secured an emergency injunction against Neville Barrett of Tarbolton Crescent, Hale, following allegations he had threatened a neighbour. At a court hearing in August Mr Barrett agreed the injunction shall remain in place until July 2015. The injunction forbids him from acting in a threatening, abusive or violent manner towards anyone in the neighbourhood.

eviction image3_290x108.jpg

Helen Anthony was evicted from Keswick Road in Altrincham in April after breaching the conditions of her suspended possession order by allowing her son to stay over at the property and also allowing excessive noise to come from inside her property.


eviction image2_290x108.jpg

Shortly after Kevin Gibson moved into CliffordCourt in Old Trafford in April 2012, residents reported him causing a nuisance and playing loud music at unreasonable hours. THT secured an injunction in July 2012, but it was breached and the Trust applied to commit him to prison. At the next hearing in November 2012 the Courts granted a further injunction.

Following the injunction in November 2012 the Trust received complaints about Mr Gibson's behaviour towards employees and contractors and also further reports of loud music played at unsociable times. In February this year Mr Gibson assaulted an employee and eventually the case went to trial this July. At the hearing Mr Gibson agreed to his eviction rather than be sent to prison.

eviction image2_290x108.jpg

In May, THT evicted Paul Slater of Wardle Close Stretford, following complaints about the poor condition of his home and the fact he was lighting fires in the property that were putting other residents at risk.

A further three injunctions were Obtained in September

injunction image_290x108.jpg

On 13th September 2013, James Campbell of Thomas Street, Stretford contacted a member of staff to discuss a letter which had been sent to him. During the telephone call, Mr Campbell became aggressive and made several threats towards a member of staff.

 As a result of these threats the Courts granted an emergency Injunction against Mr Campbell. Mr Campbell attended the return hearing and displayed similar behaviour  to Judge. The Judge was satisfied that the injunction should remain in place when Mr Campbell stated he wouldn't comply with the courts to allow the matter to go to trial. The injunction will continue until 13th September 2014. The Judge agreed that a power of arrest should remain in place.  If the Power of Arrest is breached then Mr Campbell will be arrested and he could be committed to prison.

injunction image_290x108.jpg

On 23rd September 2013, the Courts granted an injunction against Michael Ethell, Acregate, Urmston, following weekly complaints of loud music and television. The complaints had been received for some months and despite numerous warnings and attempts to work with Mr Ethell he continued to cause a nuisance and affect the lives of other residents.

The Judge in the case attached a power of arrest to the injunction and this means that should Mr Ethell play music that is loud enough to be heard anywhere outside his property including in other peoples properties then he can be arrested and committed to prison. The injunction shall remain in place for 12 months.

injunction image4_290x108.jpg On 23rd September THT applied for an emergency Injunction against Samantha Lawler of Tree Walk Stretford, following verbal threats and threats made by Facebook towards another resident

At the return hearing on 7th October 2013, Ms Lawler failed to attend the hearing and the courts were satisfied that the injunction should continue until 22nd September 2014. The Judge agreed that a power of arrest should remain in place.  If the Power of Arrest is breached then Ms Lawler will be arrested and she could be committed to prison.



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