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Manchester joins forces for a safer future

03 December 2013

Trafford Housing Trust Helps Pioneer Crime-busting Police Partnership 

The Crime Concordat, a new initiative to combat crime and anti-social behavior in communities across Greater Manchester, was launched today at a special event in Wigan in the presence of Greater Manchester Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd.

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Jon Lord, GM Social Housing Providers, Mike Corfield, Trafford Housing Trust and GM Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd.

The Concordat will see social landlords forging stronger links with Greater Manchester Police and working more closely together, sharing intelligence and taking joint action to combat anti-social behavior and other issues. The agreement also provides for approaches to be developed at a local level, with divisional police teams and local social landlords deciding what works best for them.

Further it will detail how the social housing sector will work with the police to develop business plans and use shared resources to deliver more cost-effective and efficient services to the public.

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Trafford Housing Trust, working alongside Wigan and Leigh Housing, were the architects of the agreement which will now be adopted by all ten of Greater Manchester's boroughs. It will be the first declaration of its kind to cover an entire UK City Region and was largely informed by the Trust's own experience and close working relationship with police throughout Trafford.

Mike Corfield, Assistant Director at Trafford Housing Trust, said: "It's fantastic that the excellent work we have undertaken in Trafford to help combat crime and create safer neighborhoods has inspired other social landlords and police across the whole of Greater Manchester to adopt this new policy of closer working.

The Crime Concordat will create a unique platform where best practice and strategies can be shared which will help both landlords and the police tackle a wide range of law and order issues more effectively."

Examples of Trafford Housing Trust's integrated approach to working with local police include their senior Anti-Social Behavior officer being based at a Trafford police station at least two days a week and their groundbreaking CleanStart ex-offender scheme in Old Trafford which works with both the police and the probation service.

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Jon Lord, GM Social Housing Providers and GM Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd signing the Concordat.

Welcoming the agreement, GM Crime Commissioner Mr Lloyd said: "Communities across Greater Manchester expect to see the agencies working on their behalf joining forces and sharing information and valuable resources. However, there is another very important partner in this relationship and that is the people of Greater Manchester. Each individual will have a wealth of information about the areas in which they live and work. This agreement sets in place how the organisations will work together with those communities to make the best use of this information and in turn make those communities safer places to live."

The social housing sector across Greater Manchester is responsible for managing more than 260,000 homes. The partners hope to work more closely with their combined total of half a million tenants as part of the agreement meaning each one has the potential to play a role in making their communities safer.



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