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30 September 2015

The voting for the name of the development closed 18th October, thank you to all who took part in the vote.  We will be announcing the winning name before the end of November in the News section of the website.

Where have the names come from?

The name selection process started with the community and we have involved the community at every stage, so we felt that it was only right that the community have the final say by choosing one of these three names. We narrowed the initial shortlist of names down through surveys, meeting people at events and special brand workshops, here is the final shortlist of the three names from this process.

The final shortlist



Built on historic foundations, the name Fabrick will symbolise the strength and community of its diverse population. What’s more, the name is a powerful reminder that this community building has been built to bring people together. The name Fabrick suggests a place where people can unite together to create something strong, durable, and prosperous.

mood board showing images of people fabric and bricks



Limelight suggests a fresh way of thinking – confident, vibrant and ambitious to be something different. It is somewhere to be proud of, where people can celebrate Old Trafford’s regeneration, redevelopment and exciting renewal. The name Limelight suggests a place of local pride and an aspiration.

mood board showing  images of limes and people



A mosaic comprises of small, individual pieces that form together to create something beautiful. Old Trafford is a combination of different communities, all of which are brought together under a shared sense of pride and love for the area. The name Mosaic, suggests heritage, diversity and connecting people.

mood board showing a selection of images of mosaics


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