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THT Employee, Jennifer Doyle wins ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize

25 June 2015

Trust employee, Dr Jennifer Doyle, Customer Intelligence Officer at Trafford Housing Trust, has won first prize for Outstanding Early Career Impact in the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Celebrating Impact Prize 2015. The awards recognise individuals for producing work which makes a significant difference to society, and Dr Doyle has been awarded £10,000 to further the impact of her research. 

Video of Dr Doyle discussing her work

Jennifer completed her PhD at the University of Manchester in 2012, her work focussing on understanding the social impacts and benefits of community development and support within the social housing sector, leading to policy changes enabling organisations to refine the design of housing projects. Since joining the Trust, she has worked to apply her findings practically to the Trust’s work within Trafford.

The ESRC judges commented:

In England, around one in six households live in social housing. Yet housing associations have rarely looked to academic research to inform their work. Now, in her position as Customer Intelligence Officer at the Trust, Dr Jennifer Doyle is ensuring research changes social housing developments for the better.

In her PhD research, Dr Doyle found that improving housing stock alone is not enough to transform a deprived community. Rather, in addition to a well maintained house, people need a whole range of support – from debt advice to help finding work - in order to create healthy, positive communities.

Dr Doyle has helped the Trust understand the drivers of social impact, design projects to maximise positive social outcomes and make more informed decisions around investment. And, by close collaboration and knowledge sharing among the wider social housing sector, she is working to explain the value of a 'social impact' approach to other organisations and policymakers.

Jennifer commented: "This is an incredible honour. I am deeply passionate about my work, and it is extremely rewarding to see its impact recognized by my peers.”

"My aim is to ensure academic research can be used in practical ways to help individuals and neighbourhoods become more socially and economically resilient. What's clear is that community development investment is required alongside physical development if social change is to be achieved. I look forward continuing my work at the Trust and using my research to improve the lives of people within Trafford.”

Dr Jennifer Doyle with her award.jpeg

Dr Jennifer Doyle recieves her well deserved Award

Matthew Gardiner, chief executive of Trafford Housing Trust, added: “Jennifer is fully deserving of this award and it is a fitting recognition of the innovative and vital work she has produced in her career to date. Her approach has increased our awareness and understanding of social value and is already beginning to deliver tangible benefits. We are privileged to have Jennifer at the Trust and we congratulate her on this significant achievement.”

The evening, held at Central Hall, Westminster, was hosted by BBC Radio 4 broadcaster Laurie Taylor. For a full list of winners, please visit:



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