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Trafford Housing Trust welcomes new government proposals to get ex-offenders into work

24 May 2018

The justice secretary, David Gaukes, has just announced the government will launch a new prisoner education and employment strategy aimed at cutting the annual £15bn cost of re-offending. The proposals include preparing offenders for employment as soon as they enter prison and increasing the number of prisoners released on temporary license to take part in work placements.

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We’ve always believed in supporting ex-offenders into work as a Ban the Box employer. Our social enterprise, CleanStart, employs, trains and mentors ex-offenders who may find it difficult to secure employment elsewhere. Many then go on to find long-term employment with other companies. This cuts re-offending rates and helps people to readjust back into their local community.

We welcome the government’s commitment to help ex-offenders to make positive changes in their lives.



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