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Trust leads the way with Facebook Live session for customers

16 June 2017

During June, THT took part in our very first interactive Facebook Live broadcast, giving customers an opportunity to ask their questions directly to THT leadership.

                    THT Live Mike, Edna and Matthew answering questions









As part of a three-month trial, the informal hour-long session featured, our CEO Matthew Gardiner, Chairman, Edna Robinson and host, Mike Corfield.We broadcast the show through Facebook Live, our most popular social media channel, viewers were encouraged to ask any questions through the online chat stream.  Our approach was to be open, transparent and to demonstrate that the Trust recognises the value in directly hearing the voice of our customers. For the inaugural session, we decided not to restrict our audience to a specific topic, being open to all questions and prepared to ‘take things as they came’ on the night.

With a total of 735 views, during the hour long broadcast we received over 90 comments and questions ranging across a broad range of topics, from green bins and making home improvements to Right to Buy, Universal Credit, social care and homelessness.

With comments, questions and suggestions being answered live on the broadcast or followed up after the event. THT Live proved people are genuinely interested in talking to us through online social channels, and appreciated the chance to raise comments and hear what we have to say on the issues that matter to them.

One of the advantages of this type of event was that the questions could be displayed in real time, and recorded sessions could be viewed by visitors at their own convenience.

Post-event, we’re following up on all comments and ideas. It’s early days and there are lots of things to be learnt from this and future events.

Many thanks to those of you who tuned in! Keep an eye out for our next THT Live broadcasts, planned for July and August, which we’ll be promoting through the THT website and all our social media channels.

View the original broadcast here




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