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We are recruiting for a Social Investment Board

10 July 2017

Trafford Housing Trust are recruiting a Social Investment Board.

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We are excited to share that Trafford Housing Trust has declared an annual Social Dividend of c£2million to tackle the causes and effects of Poverty by:

  • Improving education standards and raising skills
  • Boosting household incomes and reducing costs
  • Creating long term economic growth for everyone
  • Strengthening families and communities

This money will be used to facilitate a Social Investment Framework which will be overseen and managed by an independent Social Investment Board consisting of Partners and supported by a Virtual Committee, and Social Investment Staff Team and Volunteer Mentors and Ambassadors. For more information, please see the ‘Aims and Objectives’ document below.

Recruitment pack for Virtual Committee members.

Please note that we now only need Virtual Board Member Candidates and that the closing date for those applications has now been extended to Wednesday, 8th August and interviews will take place last 2 weeks of August 2017

ISIB Virtual Board Member Candidate pack

ISIB Aims & Objectives

ISIB Declaration Form

If you would like to join us on this exciting journey to play a fundamental part in shaping and driving the investment strategy and delivery, then please submit your application by Wednesday 9th August. The selection process will include an informal interview in the first two weeks of August.

In addition, we have an open recruitment programme for Community mentors and ambassadors. We are looking for people with local or specialist knowledge of community activity and an aptitude for building relationships with people from many walks of life. Induction and mentor training will be provided.  If you are interested or you wish to signpost someone please contact one of the Capacity Builders (Jonathan Baker and Kate Ringrow) on 0300 777 7777 or email

We look forward to hearing from you



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