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Leadership team

The day-to-day running of THT rests on the shoulders of our leadership team.

They all share the vision and values of our community. They are driven by the vision to eliminate poverty, inequality, and injustice within the communities we work and make a difference to our customers' lives.


Matt Foreman | Director of Operations and Integration

As the Director of Operations and Integration, Matt has overall responsibility for leading all our front-line operations across customer and neighbourhood services, repairs and maintenance, independent living, development, and the social and community impact work that is so important to our customers.  Customers are at the heart of what we do, and Matt also works with THT residents to ensure they continue to have a strong voice and plenty of opportunity to help shape high-quality services and our longer-term plans for the Group.

James Crawford | Director of Business Change

I lead the Business Change team which manages a range of projects. These deliver improvements to customer experience, our business processes, organisation structures and technology systems.  It also includes the introduction of new services and embracing new legislation. 

My team works hard with colleagues across the organisation to make sure projects are delivered on time and have the impact that our customers expect. 

Julian Massel | Director of Technology

My main responsibilities include providing technology direction to our business to make sure it’s an effective and productive place to work. I’m responsible for all aspects of information systems, business applications, and IT Infrastructure. I lead and deliver complex transformational programmes including bringing online services to customers, creating central intelligence systems and automating new ways of working. 

Deborah Elgar | Director of Social Enterprise

My main responsibilities include leading and managing the environmental services across THT 

I manage our social enterprise set up to help those struggling to find work and gain access to training and employment. CleanStart look after the communal spaces for our customers. This includes cleaning of all communal spaces and the maintenance of any grassed areas. 

I manage grounds maintenance, caretaking services, clearing and cleaning of void properties prior to occupation and communal cleaning of our Sheltered Schemes. 

Mick Gallagher | Director of Independent Living, Care and Support

I'm responsible for Independent Living Care and Support, providing services that ensure customers can remain in their own homes for as long as is practical. This includes Sheltered Housing, Extra Care Housing, Domiciliary Care, the Alert and Response service and the provision of our Technology Enabled Care services. I endeavour to always ensure that those in need of support and care services can access them at ease.