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Our performance

How we're doing

THT monthly performance figures and annual reports

Our performance page gives you a monthly update on our performance in key areas and our current and past annual reports. 

The 24 Key Performance Indicators presented below were identified by customers on our Quality and Insight Panel and those who responded to our surveys as the things that matter most to customers.

Customers also told us that they want regular information about the following:

If you require any of these reports in another language, please email us.


This month's performance

If you would like more information about our performance, please click the '?' symbol in the top right corner of each tile. The 'Thumb' symbols on each tile indicate whether we are performing well against our targets.

Unless otherwise stated, all of the figures below represent the period from April 2021 to June 2021.

Customer satisfaction


Overall customer satisfaction

Average satisfaction scores across THT’s range of services is above our target of 91%.


Satisfaction with repairs

Over 99% of the customers we asked were satisfied with their repair. This is above our target of 95%.


Satisfaction with handling of ASB

Satisfaction with THT’s handling of ASB cases has increased by 2.5% since May (target 85%).


Ease of dealing with THT

This score indicates how easy it is for customers to get what they want from THT. 95.2% is above our target of 90%.

Customer service


Formal complaints from our customers YTD

So far this year, we have received 70 formal complaints. Over 30% are about Gas issues and this is an area we are working to improve.


YTD % complaints resolved in target time*

Performance is below the level we want and there is still work to do to meet our 90% target.

*Target time = 10 days


Calls to our Customer Hub answered YTD

6.3% of calls were abandoned in the year to June. This means we are performing below our target of answering 95% of all calls.


Ease of dealing with Customer Hub

This score indicates how easy it is for customers to get what they want when they call our contact centre. 83.6% is above our target of 80%.

Social impact


Grant funding committed

To date this year, the team has committed £202k of grant funding to local community projects. This included projects focused on tackling food poverty and families affected by imprisonment.


Customers helped with debt advice

THT’s Customer Support Team have helped 361 customers with debt relief and welfare advice so far this financial year.


Financial outcomes from customer support

The financial outcomes generated through THT's dedicated Customer Support is £1.1m so far this year (a 6% increase on last year).

Your property


Void properties

At the end of June we had 48 void properties, meaning we are below our target level for the first time in a year. We aim to have no more than 50 void properties at any time.


New builds

Laurus Homes completed construction on 49 new homes in June, bringing the total for the year to 91. Handovers have been impacted by covid.


Customer satisfaction with safety of the home

86% of the customers we surveyed said they were satisfied that THT provides a home that is safe and secure. This is a new measure, so we don't yet know how we compare to other housing providers.


Gas safety certificates checked and in-date

4 of THT’s 7,322 relevant properties don’t have a current Gas Safety Certificate. We are working with these customers to resolve this.


Compliance with decent homes standard

All of the properties that THT is responsible for currently meet the Decent Homes Standard required by the Government.

Your repairs


% repairs completed at first visit

85% of our repairs in June were completed on the first visit. Although performance is improving overall, we still have work to do to consistently achieve our 90% target.


% repairs completed within SLA

In June, 99.5% of all responsive repairs (including emergency repairs) were completed within the target time. This is above our target of 95% of repairs done on time.

Your estates


Satisfaction with caretaking / mobile cleaning

68% of the customers we surveyed in June were satisfied with the cleaning service they received. We are working to get back above the 71% target by next month.


Satisfaction with grounds maintenance

In June, 89% of the customers we surveyed were satisfied with the grounds maintenance service they has received. This is above the service target of 71% satisfaction.


Grounds maintenance site attendance on time

In June, our Grounds Maintenance team were able to visit 94% of the sites on their rota. This is above the target of 84%.


Caretaking visits completed on time