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Customer Engagement & Involvement

Delivery of our Customer Engagement & Involvement Plan

The plan is progressing well, supported by the recruitment of 3 Customer Involvement Partners.


Here is our progress during May and June 2021 in meeting our 5 objectives:

1. Increase customer information and understanding

  • Customer worked with us to create a new style of service charge statement and helped us improve the way we communicate with customer who live in high-rise accommodation.
  • Customers have supported us in the development of our first customer newsletter which was recommended by the customer group Quality Insight Panel (QIP)as part of their last scrutiny. We acted on their feedback to make the articles relevant and simple and provide the opportunity for feedback, so we can improve future editions.

2. Understand what really matters to customers

  • We carried out 16 customer surveys per month asking for feedback on specific services they received that month to identify where we need to improve
  • We sought customers views on caretaking standards, online services and how we meet the Government’s Consumer Standards

3. Involve customers in shaping our approach to service delivery, scrutinising our performance and holding us to account

  • QIP started a scrutiny of the services provided by our Customer Hub
  • We started the development of a customer forum for those living in high rise accommodation

4. Embed the customer voice throughout THT

  • We provided Directors with customer feedback about their service. We do this monthly for them to identify service improvements.
  • We developed a variety of ways to feed back to customers how their involvement has improved our approach and improved the services we provide.

5. Provide a rewarding experience for our customers

  • Promoted the importance of customer involvement and the improvements made as a result
  • We provided vouchers to thank customers for their involvement in focus groups


The majority of our engagement with customers over the last 12-18 months has been virtual and this has worked well for most customers.

We will continue with mainly virtual engagement while infection rates remain high, but are very much looking forward to getting out and about to engage with customers face-to-face, so that everyone can get involved in the way that they wish to.

If you would like more information or would like the opportunity to be more involved in shaping our services, please email us.