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Customer Engagement & Involvement

Delivery of our Customer Engagement & Involvement Plan


Increase customer information and understanding

  • 33 THT customers (21 THT tenants, 11 Leaseholders and 1 Private tenant of a Leaseholder) attended the New Street consultation drop-in session on 1.11.21 to discuss the regeneration of New Street, the proposed plans for the existing flats and what that means for our customers who live in/ lease the flats.
  • The second customer newsletter was circulated to customers in December – by email to those with an email address and by post to all other customers.  This focused on the support available for customers and the involvement opportunities available.
  • The survey completed by the Neighbourhood Champions Survey has been expanded to include Building Safety questions regarding communal areas, escape routes and fire doors.


Understand what really matters to customers

  • The ICS survey was sent to a sample of THT customers to gain feedback on our approach to customer service.  The results were received and are being used to develop customer service improvement plans for each THT service.
  • We have purchased Alida an online customer engagement platform.  This will provide opportunities for engaged customers to connect with each other and with THT and help us enhance our digital engagement with customers
  • An additional question was added to the monthly transactional repairs survey to ask about the length of time taken to complete the repair. 


Involve customers in shaping our approach to service delivery, scrutinising our performance and holding us to account.

  • 4 customers have completed face to face user testing on our wire frames (page mock-ups) and test site for MyAccount (repairs reporting)
  • We engaged 119 customers from the Digital Readers Panel and My Account users about visibility of letters on My Account.
  • QIP members selected the winners of the Customer Service week colleague nominations


Embed the customer voice throughout THT.

  • The Service Charge team engaged with 6 customers to develop the new service charge booklet.
  • A report was developed to show complaints trends over the last 3 years.  The report identified areas for improvement and this was shared with the Leadership Team, with Directors taking responsibility for improvements via the Insight into Action Forums.
  • The My Account Project Team provided a wide range of involvement opportunities in the development of online services


Provide a rewarding experience for our customers.

  • The newly formed Customer Complaints panel were invited to join the TPAS ‘Engaged customer complaints masterclass’ with TPAS taking place in the new year.
  • Customers have received thank you vouchers for taking part in the service charge focus groups, MyAccount user testing and supporting us with our Black History Month content.
  • We are exploring training and induction programme opportunities for new and involved High Rise Living Panel members.