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Involving customers in decisions

How we have involved customers in decisions about rent and service charges

We have involved customers in shaping the information that we send out on our service charge statements, in order to create an accessible, user friendly document.

We have hosted two online workshops with customers, THT colleagues and Tripartum, who are responsible for the creation of the new statements. The 13 recommendations customers provided in the workshops were built into the new design and we received positive feedback from most customers.  We did get further suggestions for improvement which will be built into next year’s statements. 

This includes:

  • Separating the Service Charge and Rent figures along with a description alongside each total to make it easier for customers to understand
  • Changing terminology to ‘’your home’’ rather than “scheme” unless a customer does live in supported living scheme
  • Including page numbers on both the PDF electronic format and hard copy booklets to make it easier for customers to navigate through the service charge booklet