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How we'll keep you safe

Service standards for keeping you safe

We want you to feel safe and secure in your home and community, so we'll:


Keep your home dry and safe

  • Ensure our properties meet the decent home standard and our empty home standard.
  • All new customers will be offered a visit from GMFRS
  • We will provide additional security measures for vulnerable customers.


Keep shared spaces clean and safe

We will inspect communal areas regularly in your buildings with communal areas.


Work with relevant partners to help resolve issues causing concern to you and your community

We will work together with the council, police, fire service, statutory and voluntary services to help resolve issues causing concern to you & your community and publish the work we have done annually.


Let you know if any safety works are planned in your home or community

We will engage with customers before carrying out any safety work and offer you a choice where possible.


Offer support and work with our local partners to help ensure your wellbeing

We will publish annually how we have worked with our partners to ensure your wellbeing.