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Policy centre

Here you’ll find a list of Trafford Housing Trust's policies that have been agreed by our senior leadership team and approved by our Board.

These policies are continually reviewed. If you have any questions about these policies, please do contact us.


Allocations policy

Choosing new tenants in a fair, transparent and efficient way.

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Internal transfer

Moving from one property to another within our stock.

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Tenancy Management

How we ensure everyone has a secure, affordable, safe and warm home in a well-functioning community.

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The types of tenure we offer and the circumstances when they are used.

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Neighbourhood Management

How we will manage neighbourhoods and communal areas.

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Repairs and safety

Gas Safety

Maintaining a safe environment for customers within their home.

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Responsive repairs

Meeting expectations of a high standard of service delivery.

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Customer Support

ASB and hate crime

Providing customers with a place to call home where they can learn, grow and be safe.

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Complaints, compliments and suggestions

Making it easy for customers to let us know when things go wrong, go well, or when they have a suggestion for how we can improve.

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Customer engagement and involvement

Our approach to engagement and involvement to ensure the customer's voice influences our decision making. 

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Domestic abuse

Our role in supporting complainants of domestic abuse.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion

Treating customers fairly, without bias or discrimination, and within the law.

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