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You said, we listened

Customer led improvements

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and continually shape the services we provide by getting involved and providing feedback.

We believe that only by listening to our customers can we improve our services and create better places to live.

Some of the recent changes we’ve made based on the feedback of customers are:


Damp, mould and condensation


You said

We needed to communicate better when you reported damp or mould and when you had no heating or hot water and resolve the issue quickly.

          We listened

After carrying out a deep dive, we developed improvement plans which include a review of all damp related issues every 3 months, prioritising vulnerable customers, daily contact with customers, reporting no heat or hot water and temporary heating. Furthermore, we're renewing the boiler after 5 days and reviewing the information we provide on damp and condensation.   


Customer Service


You said

You had to wait for someone to call you back too often and would prefer your query to be answered on the first call. 

          We listened

And reviewed customer callbacks made by the Neighbourhood Teams. We also carried out some training and process improvements to enable the Customer Service Advisors to deal with your call more often rather than passing it on to the Neighbourhood Team. 


Rent Payments


You said

You were dissatisfied because you received a warning letter when a clerical error at the bank meant your cheque bounced.

          We listened

And changed the process to contact customers when a cheque bounced before sending a warning letter.


Moving Home


You said

You were dissatisfied because you were unaware that THT would not maintain the laminate floor that was “gifted” to you when you moved in.

          We listened

We changed the New Customer Welcome Pack to include information on items that are gifted and added a disclaimer.


Other improvements


You said we don’t learn from complaints, we keep making the same mistakes.

We listened and developed a plan to communicate to customers what we do to improve our services as a result of their feedback. We have started with information on our newsletter and on our website. We also email customers who complete surveys to let them know what we have done as a result of their feedback.

Asset Management

You said we needed to invest more in homes & neighbourhoods.

We listened and used customer feedback to create our asset management plan. This plan sets out how we will invest in homes over the next few years, from painting communal areas to improving fire safety.

Grounds Maintenance and Caretaking

You said what you like & don’t like about mobile cleaning in our monthly caretaking survey.

We listened and started to send “You asked we did” postcards to update dissatisfied customers on the actions we’ve taken to fix their concerns. We've also started customer consultation about our caretaking service to understand what standards customers expect from the service.

Customer Communications

You said we needed to improve our customer communication.

We listened and our customer scrutiny group, the Quality and Insight Panel, scrutinized our customer communications. They gave 14 recommendations on how we can improve and so far, 13 are completed. Recommendations included re-introducing a customer newsletter and the first edition has been published as a result.

Service Charges

You said in our perception survey that you found our service charge statements complicated and difficult to understand.

We’ve listened and spoken to two customer focus groups and improved the design and layout of the statements so they’re easier to understand. Improvements include displaying the headline figure on the first page alongside simple explanations of under and overcharges, clear answers to why things have cost more or less than we budgeted for and more imagery and charts to show what proportion of the charge pays for which service.

Service Standards

You said that it’s not always clear what our Service Standards are.

We listened and published our Service Standards on our website so that it’s clear what you can expect from us. We’ve also shared these with our involved customer groups so they can better hold us to account.