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Employment & Skills Support

Support, advice, information and guidance, if you are looking for work.

Finding employment or training at any stage of life can be stressful. If you're unemployed, working less than 16 hours per week, or have been out of work for a while, finding employment can be like navigating a minefield – you don't know which way to turn. 

It can be hard to know where to begin, what roles you can apply for, or if your skills are relevant in a different career. In these extraordinary times, we want to support you and your family as best we can. Our Employment and Skills Service will help you to gain access to appropriate employment and training opportunities and make finding employment a little easier.  

What is the Employment & Skills Support service?

Our Employment & Skills Support service provides support, advice and guidance to our customers who are currently unemployed or working less than 16 hours per week.  

Our role is to assess your needs and put you in contact with those that can help kick-start your journey back into employment.  

With access to over 50 local and national organisations, there is a range of specialist knowledge, training, and services to help you get back into employment.   

Our specialist Employment & Skills Support advisor, Nikki Mosley, will support you every step of the way. And once you've found employment or you're in training, we will continue to offer support and make sure you're okay.  

Am I eligible?   

All our customers and members of their household who are:  

  • Over 16 years-old
  • Unemployed or working less than 16 hours per week

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How do I apply?

You can email or phone us on 0300 777 7777 or keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to complete the online enquiry form.

What is the process?   

Once you've contacted our specialist Employment & Skills Support advisor, we will book you in for a one-to-one personal appointment. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, appointments are currently carried out over the phone.   

The next step is to have a more detailed one-to-one session with your advisor. We will talk about things such as: 

  • What your goals and ambitions are 
  • How you can use the skills or training you have in the future 
  • The possibilities of learning new skills 
  • The possibilities of changing jobs and heading in a more positive direction 

We will work together and create a personalised action plan that will put what we have talked about into action. This may include: 

  • Support you to access existing employment and training support programmes 
  • Advice on jobs, apprenticeships, work experience and volunteer opportunities offered in your area 
  • Help with your CV, cover letters and applications 
  • Interview practice 
  • Applying for funding for employment-related costs such as training, childcare, travel expenses or interviews and work-related clothing 

We will keep in touch to offer further support and find out how you're doing in your search for employment or training with the organisations we have referred you to.  

Even if you start a new job or begin training, we will stay in contact to make sure you're okay and offer further help to ease the transition back into employment or training. 

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