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Ending a tenancy

You can end your tenancy with THT any time you like. If you're moving into another home, then the process is simple and designed to be as smooth as possible.  

If you're moving for any other reason, such as ASB or money concerns, we may be able to help.

Please speak with us in confidence by calling us on 0300 777 7777.  


How do I end my tenancy?  

The first step is to give us a call on 0300 777 7777 to let us know when you're planning to move. We'll then send you a letter giving you the agreed move out date. If you need more time, just get in touch with us to discuss this.  

Once the date has been finalised, we'll arrange for an inspector to view the property. This is standard with all customers who are moving out of THT properties. To make it easier, can you please make sure that you're home to give the inspector access to your property on the date provided in your letter.  

Please note, due to Covid-19, this visit may take place virtually (Zoom call).

The next part of the process is to:   

  1. Sign and return the confirmation of ending a tenancy form that will be sent to you by post                  
  2. Return all the keys for the property, and any duplicates, including:  
  • Front door keys 
  • Back door keys  
  • Fobs  
  • Window keys 
  • Communal door keys   
  • Gate keys   
  • Carpark keys  
  • Storage keys 

Why we need these actions to be completed  

Without taking these actions, we cannot officially end the tenancy, and the rent account will still be active. This means you will be charged more.   

Confirmation of ending a tenancy form  

This is a legal document, and without the completed form, we cannot officially end the tenancy. 

Keys to the property 

We need all the keys to be returned before 10am on the Monday after the agreed move out date. Unfortunately, if the keys are not returned before 10am, you may be charged an extra weeks' rent. If you're having trouble returning the keys, please call us on 0300 777777, and we can discuss the situation.   

Dropping the keys off  

Our reception is currently closed. You can drop everything off at the Key Drop Off point located in the car park at the rear of our Sale Point office.  

You can access the back entrance by walking down Barkers Lane and turning right into the car park. The Key Drop Off point is a large red box located next to the air conditioning vent.  

Our address is:  

Trafford Housing Trust
Sale Point
126-150 Washway Road
M33 6AG


Condition of the property   

The property, including outhouses, loft spaces, sheds, stores and cellars, will need to be cleared entirely. This includes carpets, blinds and curtains unless they are in a good, reusable condition. You can arrange with the inspector to look at any carpets and blinds or curtains you want to leave. They will give you a decision on whether they can be left or they need to be taken away.   

It's important that you leave the property in good condition as you may receive additional charges for any disrepair or clearance work. 

What is 'in good condition'? 

The property has been your home, and we know that all homes are lived in. If you need to report any repairs to us, please contact us before you move out by calling 0300 777 7777. 

If there are any repairs that you're responsible these need to be completed before your agreed move out date. Some examples of repairs you're responsible for include: 

  • Repair any holes in the wall from shelves, pictures or mirrors
  • Repair any holes in doors 
  • Repair any missing door fronts or drawers in the kitchen
  • Clear any vegetation or greenery in the garden, and cut it back
  • Remove any rubbish 

The property also needs to be free of any of your belongings. 

If you need help with bulky items collection, contact One Trafford who can arrange for up to five items to be collected for a fee. Contact them on 0333 003 5865.  

Dealing with the Rent Account   

During the notice period, you'll still be responsible for the rent; if you're having difficulties paying your rent, please contact our Money Support Team on 0300 777 7777.  

What if there are arrears on the account?   

You'll be contacted by one of our former tenancy arrears officers to discuss a repayment plan.  

Dealing with any benefit claims  

If you claim any benefits, you will need to contact either Trafford Council or Universal Credit to inform them that you're moving home.   

Utility information   

Please close all utility accounts such as electricity, gas, water, broadband and landline providers. You may find the numbers below useful when contacting utility providers to close any billing accounts. 

United Utilities - 0345 672 2888 (if you don't have a water meter) 0345672999 (if you do have a water meter)

TV Licencing - 0300 790 6165   


Any Questions?   

We'll be happy to advise you or point you in the right direction if you're uncertain about anything you need to do. Please contact Trafford Housing Trust on 0300 777 7777 or email