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Food banks

Visiting a food bank may be daunting, but you'll be met with a warm welcome, a listening ear and if you need it, access to further help and advice as well as your food parcel. 

Food banks react to their community's needs to provide help and support to local people in crisis. Due to this, the services provided by food banks may vary from area to area. 

Don't struggle alone, contact us, and see how we can help. 


Who can use a food bank?

Anyone who is struggling to afford food may be able to get help from a food bank.  


Who do I contact?  

We work with the Trussell Trust and other organisation to make sure help is available. If you need a food parcel, please call the Customer Hub on 0300 777 7777.  

Alternatively, you can contact Trussell Trust directly by calling 0172 2580 180 or visiting their website. 

The referral process may vary from food bank to food bank so please check with your local food bank who in your area can refer people to them.


How do food banks work?  

Each food bank differs in the services it offers and how you access them. You will usually need a food bank voucher from a professional or organisation working with the food bank. This might be a health or social care worker such as a GP or nurse, or a local charity.  

Please check with your local food bank who in your area can refer people to them. 

All food banks receive donations of non-perishable, in-date food by the public at various points, including schools, churches, businesses, and supermarket collection points. 

This means you can receive a minimum of three days' nutritionally balanced food from your local food bank. 

Some food banks may be able to help with emergency pet food. If you need pet food as well, talk to your local food bank staff and see if they can help. You can also search for local pet food banks in your area or speak to your local Citizens Advice or animal charity for additional sources of help. 

Depending on your situation, some food banks may be able to refer you to other local organisations for further help. 

You can find more information about food banks on the Trussell Trust website.


Where to find food banks in Trafford 

You can search for local food banks in Trafford using the Trussell Trust interactive map. 


What you can expect when you go to the food bank 

To make sure that you are provided with a food parcel that meets your needs, you'll be asked for your food bank voucher

Food bank volunteers will then use your voucher to prepare your food parcel. They will check the number of adults and children the food parcel needs to support, the ages of the children, and any special dietary requirements you may have.

 Whilst your food parcel is being prepared, a volunteer will chat to you about your situation and refer you to additional help and support if needed.  

You can find more details on what to expect on the Trussell Trust website 


Further support  

If you need further support such as money and debt advice, benefits or rent arrears support, we can help you. You can find more information on our Help with Money advice page.

Alternatively, you can get in contact with us by calling the Customer Hub on 0300 777 777 or emailing