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If you’ve recently become homeless, or there is a risk of that happening, you must get the right advice and support as soon as possible.

It’s often challenging to find the right information or know who to contact. Below youll find useful information to help you understand what to do and who can help. 


Am I considered homeless? 

You may be considered legally homeless if one of the following circumstances is likely to apply to you within 56 days:  

  • You have nowhere to live legally in the UK or elsewhere
  • Your family has been forced to live apart as there is no suitable accommodation
  • You cannot stay in your home because you’re at risk of violence, abuse or harassment
  • You’re living in very poor conditions such as extreme overcrowding or very poor state of repair 
  • You can’t get into your home, for example, your landlord has locked you out
  • You live in a mobile structure such as a caravan or boat, and you have nowhere to park or moor it
  • You have been served with a valid Section 21 eviction notice from your landlord 


I am homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Trafford, who do I contact?  

If you’re homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, please contact Housing Options Service Trafford (HOST) by calling 0161 912 2230. 

HOST can offer support on housing-related issues and homeless advice in Trafford. Their service is free, impartial and confidential. They operate a 24-hour homeless service, seven days a week. 


What support will I receive? 

If you’re legally homeless, your local council must provide support. This may range from giving advice, arranging accommodation or support finding longer-term housing. The support you will receive depends on your circumstance, including: 

  • Your eligibility for assistance
  • If you’re in priority need
  • What caused you to become homeless 


Trafford Council operates a 24-hour homeless service every day of the year. They can advise or take action to help you stay in your home and negotiate on your behalf where needed.  

They will provide an agreed Personal Housing Plan (PHP) and work with you to help you keep your home or find alternative housing if you need to move.  

Trafford Council homeless services include: 

  • Referral to domestic violence outreach worker
  • A scheme to help with deposits to enable access to the privately rented sector
  • Help and advice negotiating with private sector landlords
  • Referral to debt and other support services
  • Specialist advice for offenders
  • Help and advice if you are having problems with your mortgage and face repossession
  • A floating support service 

You can find more information about getting help from your council on 


Further advice and support 

Street Support 

Street Support Network supports local people and organisations to tackle homelessness. Their website contains useful information about homelessness and what support is available. They offer general and area-specific advice 

If you are a resident of Trafford, you can find area-specific homeless advice for Trafford on their website.  


Shelter provides expert information about housing from reclaiming your deposit to applying as homeless. They offer advice, support and legal services to those in need.   

Salvation Army 

The Salvation Army offers practical support and services to all that need them. Their work includes: