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Neighbourhood services

Everything we do is about nurturing great places to live for our customers.

That's why you'll find us hard at work doing everything from cutting grass to checking abandoned vehicles with a range of neighbourhood services. Below you'll find a list of services we carry out in your local area and how to access them. 

Abandoned vehicles 

If you need to report an abandoned vehicle, please email our Customer Hub.

We'll need to know the following information: 

  • Vehicle make, model, colour and registration
  • Where the vehicle is parked
  • Why you think it's abandoned  


One Trafford empty all bins in Trafford on behalf of Trafford Council. Bins will either be individual or communal. 

Communal bins 

If you would like to report the misuse of a bin, such as other customers putting incorrect items in the bin or not recycling correctly, you can email our Customer Hub.

Answers to other bin-related queries can be found on the Trafford Council website. 

Individual bins 

One Trafford can provide replacement bins for a charge. Contact One Trafford by calling 0333 003 5865. 

Answers to other bin-related queries can be found on the Trafford Council website. 

Assisted bin collection 

Trafford Council offers a free assisted collection service to any resident who finds it hard to place their bins out for collection through age or physical limitation. Assisted bin collection requests should be directed to One Trafford on 0333 003 5865. 


Our caretaking service is delivered daily to high rise towers and fortnightly to low rise flats. We carry out general cleaning of the building and report any faults or issues in line with our service standards.  

Have we missed a bit? We want to get things right, so please let us know if we can do anything to improve our service by emailing us.

If you live in a high-rise or low-rise block of flats, our Caretaking Supervisors regularly inspect blocks of flats. You're welcome to attend a block inspection with the supervisor for your area by calling our Customer Hub on 0300 777 7777. 

You can also join one of our customer groups and help shape the services you receive.  


Estate consultation 

We'll consult with you over making any significant changes to the area where you live. Changes can include removing trees, improving parking facilities, new bin storage and fire safety measures. If a change is scheduled to your area, we’ll contact you by phone or letter to invite your feedback before the change takes place. 


If you have identified fly-tipping on our land, please contact us by emailing us.

We'll need to know the following information: 

  • Full details of the location
  • Number of items
  • Type of items 

We'll remove fly-tipping on our land within five working days or 24 hours if the waste is hazardous. 

Grounds maintenance  

Your service charge covers maintenance of communal gardens and other land owned by Trafford Housing Trust, such as grass verges.  

Have we missed a bit? We want to get things right, so please let us know if we can do anything to improve our service by emailing us.

Our CleanStart team provides the grounds maintenance service for all our neighbourhoods.

They carry out a range of seasonal services on our sites throughout the year, including:  

  • A leaf clearance service over the winter period on a scheduled basis 
  • Grass cutting twice a month during the summer and as often as needed over the winter 
  • Hedge cutting twice a year 
  • Some sites are mulched, which means that the grass is churned to a finer consistency, fertilising the grass. Mulching is an environmentally friendly way of cutting grass.   

You can see which green spaces we're responsible for maintaining on our interactive map.    


If you have identified graffiti on one of our properties, please report it to us by emailing our Customer Hub.

We will need to know: 

  • Where is it?
  • Is the graffiti offensive? 

We'll remove graffiti from our properties within five working days or 24 hours if it is offensive. 


Neighbourhood champions 

Neighbourhood Champions help make a positive difference to where they live by identifying any areas that need improvements. They attend a meeting twice a year and report any communal issues to us monthly. 

You can find more information about this role and how to join on our Get involved page. 


Play areas 

If an accident or injury has occurred on one of our play areas, please call us on 0300 777 7777 after you have received medical attention. If you have a general concern about a repair of one of our play areas, please email our Customer Hub with the following information:

  • Name of the play area
  • Details of the repair 

We have a duty to make sure our play areas are safe. Our caretaking team will visit the play area, make it safe and follow up on any repairs as soon as possible. 


Tree conservation  

If you identify a tree that you believe to be dead, dangerous, diseased or unsafe in any way, please contact our Customer Hub by emailing us.

It's helpful for us to know: 

  • Where is the tree located?
  • What is the problem with the tree?
  • What species is the tree? (if known) 

We have a responsibility to carry out safety work on trees. If you want to remove a tree in your garden, please make sure you use a tree specialist to carry out the work.  

We undertake regular maintenance on trees in our communal areas. We'll only respond to requests about communal trees if the tree causes health and safety concerns.  


Window cleaning  

Our approved contractor provides window cleaning services at some of our tower blocks including our low and mid-rise flatsIf you’re unsure if you’re paying for this service, please call our Customer Hub on 0300 777 7777 and ask to speak to our Leasehold Team. 

We arrange window cleaning services at buildings with communal areas only. Residents living in our homes or cottage flats will need to arrange for a local window cleaning provider to carry out this service.